I called out a referee recently for being the worst hockey referee ever. I stand by this judgement. The more I think about this referee, the more I think referees are ruining our sports… all sports. And frankly, I’m sick and tired of it.


Bad calls are one thing but what happens when refs become part of the play? Are they trying to be the “star of the show”?  This is an epidemic and needs to stop. C’mon refs… wise up.


Look at this hit that a referee lays on a University of Oklahoma wide receiver yesterday.

I mean C’mon Ref… if you’re athletic enough to knock down a Div 1 player from the best college football program in the nation (BOOMER SOONER) then you’re athletic enough to make him miss you too.


Here’s some other looks at referees trying to be the star of the show in different sports


See like I said… A F’in Epidemic.


Full disclosure: I’m not a ref. I don’t have the desire to ref, nor the training…. but is it really that hard? All I’m asking is that these donkeys stay out of the play and maybe mix in a correct call or two. Is that too much to ask? What do you think?


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