I’m not trying to be funny. I really think that Ryan Kesler is a bag of shit. I don’t usually feel the need to qualify my opinions. However I guess I should say that I don’t know Ryan Kesler off the ice. He might be a productive member of society or even a quality human being off the ice, but on the ice he is neither of those.

Seriously… look at this hair cut.

If this haircut doesn’t scream “I was born out of my mom’s butt” then maybe knowing that Kes wore a puka shell necklace does. I have never seen his puka shell necklace, but guaranteed 100% they made him take it off to take this photo to represent America, but I know he put it right back on after this photo shoot.

I digress…

Ryan Kesler is a shit bag BUT….. He’s pretty god damned funny.

First let me present

Second, his latest form of hilarity: trolling Ryan Johansen..

I should probably set this up.

In the 2017 playoffs Ryan Kesler played hard (playing “hard” is how Kesler explains him being a cheap shotting dummy). Johansen called Kesler out in the press. “He just blows my mind,” Johansen said, according to ESPN’s 102.5 The Game. “I don’t know what’s going through his head out there. His family and friends watching him play, I don’t know how you cheer for a guy like that. It just doesn’t make sense how he plays the game. I’m just trying to go out there and play hockey and it sucks when you’ve got to pull a stick out of your groin every shift.” See more here

Their feud bubbled over again in March of 2018 when the two players finally tossed hands. Johansen looks to have slipped and classy Kesler mocked him by saying he turtled.

Now yesterday on August 5th… Kelser just dropped straight fire on Johansen via twitter. It’s one thing to chirp someone on the ice but it’s another thing to troll them on twitter.



We are all for an All Ryan Street Brawl but if we could suggest something along the lines of an old school WWF pay-per-view cage match? And in this cage match every player that Kesler has ever cheap shotted will get a chance to drop a flying elbow on his piece of face. I get it, Anaheim Ducks fans won’t agree with this


but it looks like almost every one else in the world agrees with my opinion here.


As you can see Kesler has been preparing for another season of not playing much hockey by working on his twitter trolling game. I wonder if he expected Ryan Johansen to respond, because he did… I can’t wait to see how this “TWEEF” plays out.