It’s official. Seattle will have an NHL team in the 2021 season. We are so excited for ever one in the pacific NW. The only thing left is to find that perfect team name, logo, and uniform set up to really make the team unique. Don’t fret folks we’ve already done the hard work for you.

We travel all around the world and play in beer league tournaments. Every tourney has a unique theme and you get a full uniform set up to keep. In June we did a Seattle themed tourney and we think we’ve already found the perfect set up and logo for the new Seattle NHL team. Which one of these do you think Seattle should choose?


The Pilots 

This is a color combo you don’t see at all in the NHL. Paying homage to Seattle’s aviation culture is a nice touch for the team name and logo but having one of the most unique colored uniforms in the National Hockey League would be something else.



The Seals 

Another unique color pattern. It’s not quite San Jose Sharks teal but it’s along the same lines. The logo is killer and having the sea of turquoise repping at every home game would be pretty awesome.



The Sawbucks 

Lots of teams don the red and black but that doesn’t mean we can’t use more of the same.  As the saying goes, “if it aint broke don’t fix it”. Represented here is not only the forestry culture with the plaid lumberjack theme but lets say it also pays homage to birthplace of grunge. Sawbucks wouldn’t be our first choice but we wouldn’t complain if it happened.



The Kraken

Nothing would strike fear into pacific division foes more than being worried about having the Kraken unleashed on them. Using the neon green colors sported also by the Seahawks and the Sounders would help the Kraken transition seamlessly into the Seattle sports culture.



The Metropolitans 

There’s a long standing tradition of hockey in the Seattle area. That’s where these next two logos/themes come from. When you’re talking about Seattle hockey history,  you start with the Metropolitans. These designs are classic and simple. Love the logo, love the colors. I don’t think any Seattle hockey fan would be disappointed with these.



The Totems 

Another team name steeped in Seattle hockey history. We really think if Seattle doesn’t strongly consider the Totems or Mets then they are doing a disservice to the hockey fans of Seattle. Look how glorious this set up is.




We think it’s a close race between the Totems and the Mets. Ultimately we think the Mets should be the chosen team name. It’s historical and is something all of Seattle could get behind. What do you think? Do you think any of these 6 will get the nod?