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BOSTON – Things turned quickly for Tuukka Rask in Saturday’s loss to the New York Rangers where it went from going for a historic win to not even being able to get out of the first period in one piece. Rask was knocked out of Boston’s 3-2 loss to the Rangers with a concussion after getting crushed by Rangers winger Filip Chytil on a power rush to the net that resulted in New York’s first goal.

“Police! Police!” The Montreal Canadians fan yells. “Hurry, we need you! There has been le murder!”

Just kidding. This was a Bruins player getting murdered straight into hell. Montreal Police would never investigate that.

Joking aside – Last night during the Bruins/Rangers game Filip Chytl mistakenly scored a beauty of a goal while attempting to eliminate Tuukka Rask from the earth. Bruins defensemen Charlie McAvoy seemingly was a co-conspirator in this murder, “pushing” Chytil into Rask to make this whole thing appear accidental.

So here’s my question.

I don’t think Chytil (what a shitty name) ran Tuukka on purpose. McAvoy clearly altered his path post goal, and exacerbated the damage by trying to go low and essentially launching Chytil. BUT – should Chytil have had to answer the bell for ringing Tuukka’s?

Further – how fucked up is it that no one on the Bruins team did anything in the immediate aftermath of the hit? Sure after seeing the replay you make a decision as to the intent. But .05 seconds after your star goalie has just been sent to the moon by another mans ass, and you don’t even give the guy a two-handed shove (LOOKING AT YOU, CHARA).

Maybe I’m from the old school – but Chytil should have had to fight after that. Not to atone for anything he had done intentionally wrong – but because the Bruins as a team should have had their teammates back and tried to change the tone of the game. And also to show other teams that going hard into the crease area is not going to happen without you paying a price for it.

But this is the modern NHL, and the Bruins are now without one of their best players for what I can only guess is going to be a significant amount of time.