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If you know hockey (which is basically everyone but the Oilers according to JR)



then you know the Oilers as an organization are the laughing stock of the pro sports world. Yes, that’s right. This isn’t even the worst organization on a hockey level. It’s the worst organization in ANY sports level. There’s been some pretty shitty sports organizations too. Organizations so shitty they got relocated. The Atlanta Flames, Seattle Supersonics, Quebec Nordiques, Cleveland Browns… I could go on but trust me. If you come up with a sports organization that was shitty the Oilers would be worse.

The Oilers are in such disarray that they literally let a GM they were going to fire the next day negotiate a 3 year 13.5 million dollar deal with a 30 year old goalie who has only played 31 games in the NHL. 27 this year and four games 8 years ago. I mean this isn’t Rick DiPretro territory but it’s still pretty laughable. The Oilers literally paid double his worth. I bet Connor McDavid is regretting not taking that extra 3 mil a year he could have milked the Oilers for. 

Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid (97) during third period NHL action against the Tampa Bay Lightning at Rogers Place, in Edmonton Saturday Dec. 22, 2018. Tampa Bay won 6-3. Photo by David Bloom


Why shouldn’t we feel sorry for Oilers fans? Easy. Oilers fans are easily the most disillusioned and arrogant fans outside of ones that root for that team in Toronto. Guaranteed if you tried to have a civil conversation with Oiler fans right now they’d dismiss their current state as a bump in the road and remind you about Gretzky in the 80’s. They’d likely also brag about having the best player in the World right now, while ignoring the seasons of futility (and luck) it took to get Mr. McDavid. Let’s not even get into the 19 consecutive first round busts. 




The organization and these fans deserve each other. Right now it’s like watching two stranded starving skiers that got lost in the woods 2 weeks ago. They are both thinking how to get rid of the other. The fans hate the organization and I’m pretty sure the organization hates the fans. I wonder which one will eat the other first. 

Have a great season Oiler fans! This is just a bump in the road fam. 



Ok. Ok. Ok, Oilers fans… Yeah I know McDavid was a 1st round pick. Shuddup.