Well it’s that time of the year. Madden ratings were released Monday, and much like every year, fans on twitter were all losing their minds as if they think it help change anything. No matter what the ratings are, there will always be many complaining. It’s no different than any other sports video game, whether that be NHL, NBA, or MLB. People like to complain. What makes the complaining different between NFL and all other leagues, is that the players get involved. Every year there seem to be football players saying their ratings are too low.

Cue Keenan Allen. As soon as he saw his rating, he sent out this video:


In Allen’s defense, he seems mostly upset about his route running. The general consensus online is that he did get somewhat snubbed in that category. But what I can never understand about this is why these guys care. It’s a video game. We never hear about players from other leagues complaining about this. They let their play do the talking for them. I would bet a good amount of them don’t even know what their ratings are on previous games.

So, to Keenan Allen and any other NFL players who are going to complain about ratings: You get paid millions and millions of dollars to play a sport. Everyone knows you are very good at what you do. You are living the dream every one of us average guys wish we could. Enjoy your amazing lives, have fun with it, and please stop bitching about your video game ratings.