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(NBC News

A North Carolina man was arrested after a college student came home to her off-campus apartment to find him hiding in her closet and wearing her clothes, police said.
Andrew Clyde Swofford, 30, was taken into custody Saturday afternoon near the Summit at The Edge apartments in Greensboro after the 20-year-old woman called 911 to report the spooky incident
The woman, who attends the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, said she and her roommates initially thought a ghost had taken up residence in their apartment after she noticed her clothes disappearing from her closet and handprints on the bathroom wall, according to WTVD.
On Saturday, however, the woman realized it wasn’t a supernatural spirit in her apartment after all, but a stranger.
The woman said she left her apartment Saturday morning and when she came home around lunchtime, she heard strange noises in her closet, Greensboro Police Department spokesman Ronald Glenn said.
When she checked inside, she noticed her clothes were disheveled and a few items were missing, Glenn said. She then noticed Swofford hiding in the closet wearing some of her clothes.
“I just hear rattling in my closet,” she told WTVD. “It sounded like a raccoon in my closet. I’m like, ‘Who’s there?’ And somebody answers me. He’s like, ‘Oh my name is Drew.'”
The woman called her boyfriend, who showed up to the apartment and made Swofford leave, Glenn said.

I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t read this article before I started the blog. I was going to jump on here and write something, something I, hand up, can’t remember now because of how fucking ridiculous this story is.

First off, the scene. For those of you who don’t know, The University of North Carolina – Greensboro is the cousin of The University of North Carolina that wasn’t smart enough or pretty enough to get into UNC. They also have club Quidditch, which like every Harry Potter nerd makes you chase the snatch (I know it’s not snatch, it’s snitch or snidditch or whatever I don’t care, and if you’re not a 13 year old you shouldn’t either. Harry Potter hate blog coming later) and their most famous alumni is Samwell, who did the What What (In The Butt) video.

IMAGINE YOURSELF coming back from your ‘Introduction to Remedial Lunch’ class and you notice that something in your beer-soaked apartment is amiss. Do you think “Hey, bet my roommates got drunk, pissed on the floor and fucked something up again” and go about your day? No, you go to the fine institute of UNC – Greensboro and like the what what in the butt guy, you’re an intellectual. You immediately assume that it’s a fucking ghost in your apartment. Because of course, you didn’t get in UNC.

FURTHERMORE, she legit believed this and told the police she thought it was a ghost. I now regret getting a college degree because apparently, it means nothing now. Not that it meant a whole lot before this, but at least some people looked at it and said, “hey, he must have some modicum of intelligence (BIG flex with the word modicum) because he has a college degree.” Now I’m lumped into the same category as somebody who casually brushes off a little B&E as the supernatural and this guy

LASTLY, how about that guy’s reaction? He was clearly either on some sort of substance or a pervert and he just played off wearing her shit and being in her closet with a casual “Sup, I’m Drew”. Might as well be on the first name basis since you’re already wearing her romper.