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Well I didn’t think I would ever have to see this happen with my own two eyes, but here we are. My Ducks have somehow lost a franchise record eleven games. Where do I start? Holy shit has this been a doozy. This streak kicked off around the holiday break with three consecutive road losses to Boston, Buffalo, and San Jose respectively. Then they came home and the train completely derailed. We start the homestand against the Yotes and part of me is like ok, they’re starting an inexperienced, but decent tendy in Adin Hill. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about Mike Smith being the bane of our existence anymore because he’s in Calgary and Calgary wins in Anaheim about as often as a Disneyland drops their prices. Rarely. So we go through the game and proceeded to blow multiple, multi-goal leads and fall in OT on some pretty bad defense. At this point, I thought ok, we’re on a bit of a skid and it’s normal, teams struggle. Everything will be alright. But oh man was I deadass wrong!

  • Tampa rolls into town: OT loss.
  • Vegas comes to town: Loss.
  • Edmonton comes to town: Shutout
  • Ottawa comes to town: OT Loss
  • Pittsburgh comes to town: Stomped into the fucking ground by Jake Guentzel

To say I was disappointed with this homestand, if you can even call it that, is an understatement. I’m a season seat holder, I go to every game and stay till the bitter end regardless of the score. I drive upwards of sixty plus miles on any given game day and sit through an hour, hour and a half worth of traffic because Californians drive about as well Peter Chiarelli makes trades. I’ve invested time, money, and my trust, to really just watch John Gibson play every night. Which I mean, that’s fun and all but my man Gibby is seeing more rubber than a cheap hooker. The streak got pushed to eleven games Sunday night after another pair of blown leads to the Jets led to a real quick and forgettable OT loss, officially making franchise history!

As a die-hard fan, it’s hard. I’m really sarcastic and always try and find humor in the all the Ducks woes because hockey really shouldn’t cause you to stress, especially when you’re just watching it. But investing money for season seats has really given me a different perspective on how I feel about the team. The biggest thing I think all of us STH’s have to remember is we’re not entitled to anything. We’re not paid to play games or operate the team on a daily basis. But with that being said, management has some explaining to do. For those not in the loop, to make a long story short, Bob Murray came out and pretty much said the players are responsible for stepping it up and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the outdated and embarrassing system run by one Randall Carlyle. Like do they think we’re stupid? Yes, Pontus Aberg, one of the team’s leading goal scorers has to step it up and ultimately gets benched for Brian Gibbons who had no goals up until Sunday’s game where it took a puck hitting one of Winnipeg’s players to get his first this season. I don’t know what drugs Bob Murray is taking but if you think that is a step in the right direction then you’re clearly part of the problem as well.

So how does one deal with this? Me personally, alcohol is the first thing that comes to mind, but honestly, at this point, you root for how far this thing can go haha. Like there’s no hope for immediate coaching changes, we’re trading guys for no good reason, and the irradiated depths of the Ducks Facebook community thinks Ryan Getzlaf should be traded (I’m not joking, this is 100% legit). I think it goes to show we’ve been spoiled with an above average team for so long that the first little slip into obscurity as a somewhat underperforming team is super shocking because we’re not used to shit hitting the fan this bad. I mean it also doesn’t help that management thinks they can just say dumb shit and not get roasted for it, but that’s beside the point. Ducks fans, we will get through this… Hopefully. Everyone else, uhh well enjoy our misery while you can!