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So, there has been some very questionable posts lately here on BLT, and with me being the new guy here I thought it might be best to just keep my opinion to myself. However, reading some of your comments voicing all your displeasures, I felt it was time to step in and give the official stance from The Windy City Benders Podcast. Now before you jump down my throat screaming at me to “stick to what you know” I have done lots of research and spend a lot of time making sure I knew what I was talking about.

So, with all that being said here is my official stance: goalies are irrelevant.

Don’t agree with that? I’d love to hear your opinions, tweet us or slide in our DMs @WCBPodcast, leave comments here, or leave your best hate Voicemail on the Bender Hotline 708 942 4829

Thank you for your time and make sure you check out The Windy City Benders Podcast!