What are you pre-game jams?

I used to play hockey with this really sweet kid. Super talented player, nicest guy on and off the ice, and Captained a team full of miscreants and still managed to keep us from getting ejected from the league. Love him – real beaut.

As Captain of the team – he was entitled to being the guy in charge of the music before games. I’m pretty amenable to anything. I’ve been known to vacillate (5 point SAT word kids) from the Beach Boys, to Kendrick Lamar, to Every Time I Die, and Taylor Swift (come the fuck at me about Taylor Swift. I fucking dare you).

Point being – there’s not much I won’t listen to or will absolutely hate if you throw it on the ‘ol Bluetooth speaker as we get ready to wage ice battle.

But this kid, sweet as he was, listened to some godawful garbage. It was a combination of EDM and like..KPOP? It’s hard to describe. Maybe if we were like, Team Euro, it would have been appropriate. Or if we were all doing molly. But we were getting ready for WAR (authors note – I hate military-esque analogies and will only use them when I REALLY fucking mean it) and this shit was just not cutting it.

I ended up leaving that team after a couple of seasons (nothing to do with the music, though)… and I never really figured out the best way to resolve that situation. Maybe murder, I guess.

SO THE SUNDAY NIGHT QUESTION OF THE NIGHT – what’s acceptable pre-game locker-room music? What is unacceptable?

Reply in the comments. Best answer gets…oh I don’t know. A thumbs up.