Yes I know I said 2019 was the year of the goalie. This doesn’t change that. BUT as a goal scorer myself there’s nothing I like better than seeing photos of goalies after they’ve been scored on….. Actually that’s a lie. There’s nothing I like better than taking photos of the goalies right after they’ve been scored on. Since I have been shooting a lot of photos for Draft Tournaments it’s been one of my guilty pleasures. Every time I see a goal scored I point my big swingin’ lens right at the goalie.

I feel it’s only right I share these. Here’s a couple I just took in Toronto. I am going to post these two of the same goalie by themselves. Not because I want this goalie to quit the game out of embarrassment but  because this goalie chirped me before the tourney. JOKES ON YOU SUCKER!

I’ll continually update this blog  with dejected goalie photos. Have any good ones? Tweet them to me @nickerjones tagged with #DejectedGoalie