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The Fall Of Fallout


I’m talking about the unlikely success and untimely demise of, what I believe to be, one of the greatest RPG franchises of our time; Fallout. Whether you were chasing down your father in the Capital Wasteland or shooting Deathclaws in their mutated faces in the Mojave, the fun and tension was exciting! Sure, who wouldn’t get upset when you’re mid-quest and a group of Psycho-Addicted Raiders decide you’ve enjoyed life a little too much and shoot you with a Fat Man Field Nuke… but that is what made Fallout great, those random and mildly annoying moments.

Unfortunately, Fallout hasn’t evolved well as far as story and choices are concerned. Fallout 4 had heart but sacrificed individuality and a proper Karma system for it… in the end, not a great trade-off. The story used a similar template to Fallout 3, find a missing loved one, but a completely differently execution. You lost a great mechanic of Fallout; choice. A lot of choices were made during the life of these games, both by players and company executives. The worst choice made was by Bethesda when it was all said and done, though.

It’s not too late and if you love Fallout like I and many others do, you haven’t given up faith on this franchise. There’s still a shimmer of the greatness that Fallout was in there, somewhere. Finding the spark to ignite that fire will take time, a lot of work and a little bit of open-mindedness on the Developer’s end. A great start to spark that flame back up again would be Bethesda truly listening to their core Fallout Fan Base. Fallout 76, the latest installment in the series, was no exception to the lackluster gameplay and story telling, or lack there of in this matter.

Fallout had a meteoric rise in the early years of its inception but unfortunately the Fall of Fallout was caused by it’s own creators and the lack of communication with their player base. I, and many others, would like to see the heart of this series start beating again. If anybody at Bethesda happens to see this… Tell Todd Howard to get it together.