How the hell could you let Trotz walk? I mean really, fired, pissed off or couldn’t come to terms, this has only happened once before in the history of the NHL. Once! It’s like not electing a U.S. president during war time.

The hockey gods have smiled upon the Isles, the same Isles that have been in a 30 year rebuild. They smiled a snarl and a smirk when they hired Lou and he’s been tireless in his pursuit of Johny T. before July 1. Which makes us all happier than a sailor on shore leave, but I digress.

What more could you ask for? Oh yeah getting rid of the dead Weight, yeah I meant that, ‘Cuz Dad Humor. Duh!

Back in my day the Isles were a team to be feared with the likes of Smith, Gillies, Trottier and Bossy. 19 gotdamn playoff series wins, that is a record that will stand after I am gone and probably after my Grandkids are gone too.

We can do with without  JT because we have youngins waiting in the wings but we need a catch like Trotz to give us hope.
Come on Lou close the books on this one because we are all #Hot4Trotz