OldManDan here ya greenhorns!

You know what we Islanders fans have heard enough of? I’m talking a real belly full. “That the team is going to be shit next year.” Now, I get it. JT was the franchise and I truly wish him the best, but we’ll be fine. Ya ¬†know why? Two words


We scored Barry MotherF*&king Trotz and LOU GotDam Lamoriello!


Teams don’t win on players alone, they win because there is a culture of winning! Bill Torrey and Al Arbour knew that and God bless ‘en they created that. The additions of a competent goalie in Lehner and bringing back Matty Martin to put the fear into forwards crossing the blueline will pay off.

Trust me or don’t, I don’t really care.. yer still wet behind the ears. Speaking of wet behind the ears, that kid that won the Calder, you know, not Pajama Boy…. But Barzal. He’s just coming into his own and will lead the team for years to come.

Alright, go back to drinking beer, hanging out at the cottage, doing puck tricks to post on the internets or whatever the hell it is that you kids do during the summer.

Ya know what I did during the summer? I worke…. Aw screw it. You kids never listen.