Hockey is the best sport in the world. THE BEST. SERIOUSLY. One of my favorite things about hockey is hockey jerseys. Hockey jerseys are a symbolic way to show the world who you support, who you play for, or just how fucking cool you are. I love when hockey jerseys and pop culture come together to create awesome, unique, crazy, unbelievably cool jersey designs.

Usually when hockey and pop culture collide the awesomeness that is born usually creates new hockey fans. I feel that’s what I’m about to do. If you’re non-hockey friends aren’t now hockey friends after seeing this then it’s time to cut ’em loose. I am about to show you the best non-hockey hockey jerseys ever created. You will be in awe and probably want to buy them but alas… you can’t. You can only admire from afar.

Before I show you the best non-hockey hockey jersey ever created let me show you some  jerseys that aren’t the best but they are just really cool

A full house inspired hockey jersey? Full – Fuckin – House? Of course, it had to be the coolest dude from Full House on the front Uncle Jesse. This team is called The Rippers, they hail from Philadelphia and used this jersey design to “rip” through the Beer League Jersey Challenge in 2016. These are simply marvelous. So marvelous that using a “Have Mercy” or “Cut It Out” reference wouldn’t do it justice. Hey Rippers …. if every blog we wrote would make you score more goals, we’d write forever….. F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!



Here are a few from pro/semi pro teams. Super hero jerseys are a pretty popular choice for charity. Everyone loves super heroes so these jerseys go for a pretty penny when they auction them off to raise charity money. These batman inspired jerseys from the Tulsa Oilers are FIRE!



The next jersey is a jersey fit for a king. Not just any king mind you but THE KING! Mississippi River Kings seem to always get the fans all shook up when they bust out their Elvis charity jerseys. I’m not gonna lie.. I have tried to buy an Elvis jersey in auctions before. I could never bring myself to spend (at least) 500 bones on one, even if I’ve been an Elvis fan my whole life. There are better things to spend $500 on. I mean that’s a lot of beer eh? ( If you have one of these Elvis charity jerseys and want to make someone’s life….. message me)



See all of those jerseys were cool, right? I told you it’s incredible when pop culture and hockey collide. Still you haven’t seen nothing yet. These next jerseys will blow your mind. So here we go.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far…wait, wait.

This isn’t just one jersey. This is a whole set of jerseys. A little back story:

There are these beer league tournaments… really really awesome tournaments all over North America (and Europe). The tournaments are more concerned with your coolness & drinking ability rather than your hockey skill. Literally…  the #1 rule is don’t be a dick. You don’t sign up with a team you sign up as an individual. You make teams by beer chugging contests and then play 5 games over 2 days. There’s a theme for every tournament and you get these kick ass jerseys/uniform combos. That’s where this set came from. Want to check out these tournaments? Do it Here


Without further ado. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….



STAR MOTHER F’in WARS… ok we mean ‘Draft Wars’! Hell YES!!!!! How ridiculously awesome are these? Before you ask … yes the storm troopers missed the net all weekend

There were also C3PO jerseys, Darth Vader, Princess Leia etc. Huge shout out to Laga Sports for making these designs come to life and to TJ Chase for letting us use these photos.

SERIOUSLY we’ve never seen cooler jerseys than these. Have you? Change Our Minds! Show them in the comments below!

The BLT crew loves helping beer leaguers look fresh. So…..If your team is looking for new jerseys BLT will sponsor them. Hit us up or check out our sponsorship program here.