The playoffs in the NHL are the most grueling postseason of any major sport. NHL players battle until their skin is cut up, bloodied, and hanging from their bone by a thread, playing a ramped-up physical game every other night for two months… Or until their team loses. Sounds pretty rad, right?



Why??? Well take a look at the Tampa Bay Lightning. They tied the record for most wins in a season and what did it get them? SWEPT… Ousted in 4 games by a wild card team. FUCKING SWEPT!


It’s just not fair for fans to have to deal with that. I’m a Calgary Flames fan and I’m sitting here watching Game 4. My stomach is in knots. My blood pressure is probably twice what it should be. I can’t even yell at my TV so the refs know they suck because my two year old is asleep. I literally almost pee my pants when an Avalanche player takes a shot on Mike Smith … err I mean Nathan MacKinnon since he’s pretty much the whole team. I CANT FUCKING TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Edmonton Oiler fans are lucky… They never have to deal with this.

The NHL playoffs suck…….. BUT I FUCKING LOVE THEM!!!


Edit:… The Flames lost Game 4 while I was writing this. Fuck the playoffs, fuck the Flames, fuck the Avalanche, fuck Nathan MacKinnon, fuck Doogie Howser, fuck the Black Eyed Peas, fuck EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD I WANT TO FUCKING DIE.