The Ultimate Guide To Enjoying Playing Fortnite as an Adult

By Nick – @nickerjones


I am a gamer from way back. Atari, Nintendo, PC – Diablo 2 (you almost got me kicked out of college, Diablo!). I am huge Fallout,  Battlefield, and COD fan (well the older generations of those last 2 games anyway). I have the new consoles but I had a small human 14 months ago. Apparently in your 30’s you have to be responsible and put the games aside to start you know… paying bills and raising a kid.

BUT I’M BACK NOW! I keep hearing people talk about new gaming. You know the game everyone and their dog is playing. If you haven’t played it then you’ve at least heard about it. A video game that has taken the world over, pretty much… FORTNITE. I mean I’m late to the game, but I’m not a hip young dude anymore, so it takes me time to get into things.


Even though I’m late to the party I have been a BAUS on the Fortnite scene for about 24 hours now. I have completely figured out the game and feel it’s my duty… nay, my social responsibility to share with you. So how do you enjoy playing Fortnite as an adult?

Easy.. I’ll break it down in 3 little steps:

  1. You gotta play with bros

    • I spent my first few hours toiling around the game solo. It wasn’t that fun but I did manage to come in 6th place in a game. That’s pretty baus right? I didn’t see one player or build one thing but I had a cool looking gun and a jet pack. I probably would have made top 5 if I knew anything about what the fucking storm was. Anyway, I went online to Twitter and asked if anyone wanted to team up. It was pretty sweet playing with some like-minded dudes. Also note when you play with bros you don’t have to listen to the 9 year old kid who sang the banger “I love bad bitches that’s my fucking problem” the whole FUCKING game. If you were allowed to shoot your own teammates I’d have shot him after I fell out of that weird flying bus… and I’d also at least have 1 kill to my kill stats. Listen kid, I also love bad bitches but you were actually my problem.
  2.  You need Beer… lots of beer 

    • You’ve probably heard that alcohol makes everything more tolerable. I mean do you think I’d have been able to listen to 15 minutes of 9 year old quoting the same line from an A$AP Rocky/Drake song if I was sober? HELL NO! Also, if you get drunk time seems to move way slower… in theory that means the game will move slower right? More time to shoot at people and build fucking walls and stairs. *note my gameplay stats actually say the game was not slower for me. I suck!
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  3. You need to Chill & Relax

    • Yeah so… after I threw my remote, woke up my 14 month old, and subsequently had my wife yell at me, I realized what’s the big deal? It’s just a game. I am no stranger to raging over video games. I remember countless Mountain Dew cans tossed into the wall over campers in my COD days. As a mature adult I think I am better than that. So all you over-30 gamers out there, let’s just breathe, relax, and remember it’s just a game. Let’s have fun!

Want to play with me? Add me on XBone (nickerjones10) or PS4 (nickerjones). Any suggestions of other games I should start  playing? Leave them in the comments.