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The biggest missed call in the history of hockey didn’t happen in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It did not involve a legend’s foot in the crease in overtime of a Cup clinching game. It did not involve a goal not reviewed in Game Six. It wasn’t a high stick on a marginal great player by the greatest player to ever live in a Game Seven of a semi-final game.

It happened in the Junior Goodwill Games, which apparently hosts a prestigious hockey tournament where Trinidad and Tobago iced a competitive team, and where the United States versus Iceland became legendary rivals on the levels of Canada/Russia, Calgary/Edmonton, or Brodeur/Avery.

Mighty Ducks 2 was a hot pile of entertaining garbage, where suspension of logic is required. A street hockey wiz-kid from the projects, with a magical slap shot, makes a national ice hockey team, while a cowboy breaks out a lasso to hog tie a fellow competitor mid game. Nothing was done to counter act said situations, so we’re OK with them.

But one on-ice call to this day still blows my mind, and I can’t shake it.

In the first game against Iceland, GOLD-BERG!!! Lays an absolute egg and is pulled by Coach Bombay. Julie “The Cat” Gaffney comes into the game. Two players from Team Iceland come up to chirp her, and she just pushes them over as if she was the big bad wolf, and they were a house made of straw.


She lands herself an “Intent to Injure” penalty. You’d think it would be an unsportsmanlike conduct 2 minutes, right? Nope. Full on Jamie MacLennan Game Misconduct. Kicked out of the game, and GOLD-BERG!!! has to come back into the game. This explains a lot about his current situation… but that’s not for me to blog about.

There is no video evidence of this on YouTube, because someone had to have been embarrassed with the call and wants to erase it from the history books… but it happened, about half an hour into the movie.

And then this happens.

The axe wielding maniac that broke uber-sniper Adam Bank’s silky mitts. The stick swinging player was also punished. A double-minor, 5 minutes, or 10 minute misconduct would have been appropriate. A game misconduct or a gross misconduct would also have been appropriate. None the less, it was a slash, and was assessed a minor penalty. 2 minutes. That’s it.

So you can swing a sword with two hands, and get two minutes for destroying a player’s wrist. But if you were defending yourself from two Icelandic giants, you’ve shown intent to injure someone, and fail… HIT THE SHOWERS!

Where is the justice? Where is the protest? Was this a bigger mistake to let this slide than drinking and driving by Coach Bombay? Where were the refs trained, Trinidad and Tobago?

This is the biggest mistake made in hockey, on the same level as trying to convince yourself hockey is working in Phoenix and South Florida.

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