In case you are just joining us one of the BLT personalities guaranteed a Bruins win for Game 6. I thought that was incredibly arrogant and called him on it. I ended up betting him $1000… and he accepted.



Turns out Jay was right. I am a man of my word so I paid up but I was curious how confident Jay was in his Bruins


Jay accepted and this is where Bruins fans really put their foots in their mouths. I mean here I am potentially going in the hole 2000 bucks and these Bruins fans (that probably all wear fake Chinese knock off jerseys) sent a bunch of chirps that, frankly, didn’t age real well.

To be clear I was never Anti-Bruins here….I could give 2 shits about the St Louis Blues. I am simply Anti-Jay and the Bruins were collateral damage. Seeing as how I didn’t want to lose to Jay or $2000 I had to pull out all the stops. Like praying to the hockey gods.



This apparently really rubbed Bruins fans the wrong way and the responses now make them look silly. And since I was came out victorious I think it’s only right they are publicly shamed.


Listen boys… Yeah I’m putting you idiots on blast here but I still love ya. Just one thing you should always remember