Top 10 Beer League Hockey Jerseys

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In hockey, like most sports, the most important thing isn’t whether you win or lose, it’s how good you look doing it. No one is gonna listen to you chirp if you’re wearing a potato sack with 69 spray painted on the back. (To all the dudes who think wearing #69 is hilarious: No.) So needless to say, a set of classy-as-fuck jerseys should be top of the list when you’re putting a team together.

Your jersey represents what your team is all about. It lets other teams know that you’re a bunch of beer guzzling psychopaths, hilarious perverts, or just damn good hockey players. Beer League Talk is giving teams the opportunity to design and win a free set of fully custom jerseys. The contest closes on February 22, 2016. In the spirit of this mind-blowing opportunity, we creeped around the internet to find some Grade A beer league jersey sets. Here’s our faves of what we found:

10. Rhinos
Ok, we are being a bit selfish here. This is Nick and Brett’s team. Nick and his buddies designed the jerseys. When you write your own hockey jersey blog then you can nominate your own jerseys, so get off our backs. Bottom line: the colors are awesome. The jersey breaks away from the traditional colour combos you see at the rink. The best part is you don’t need a light and a dark set. We have never had a jersey conflict in the 3 years it’s been in rotation.


    9. Albany Hooligans What’s special about this jersey? Well, as a couple of 30-something guys, Nick and Brett grew up on the Simpsons. Any team that can work Nelson into a jersey has earned a nod in our books. If you disagree, we can only assume there’s a pounding waiting for you. Springfield’s biggest hooligan leads the Albany Hooligans into limitless on-ice mischief. Best not to lose a shinguard playing these goons, they’re known to hack the bone… lp4       8. Philadelphia Liars This jersey is on the list for one reason… because let’s be honest, you don’t know where this team name comes from. The logo is funny but we think they got their team name from one of the greatest old-school hockey games ever made: Mutant League Hockey. The Chilly Liars were the spoof team of the Philadelphia flyers on the video game. We don’t know the people on this team but if we are wrong, keep it to yourselves. We want this to be an ode to a game we lost hours to. philly-liars-jersey Credit for Image to Jerseys Made Easy    7. Draft Tournament Jerseys It’s hard to pick 1 jersey from this group of beauties. It seems like every tournament they have a new crazy design in the pack that becomes one of our favorites. Their designs are colorful, crazy, and always unique. If you want to experience the most unique tourney and make some great hockey friends you should check out their tournaments, too. Click here to check out Draft Tournaments  


6. Jurassic Park
This team was so preoccupied with whether or not they could design a Jurassic Park jersey, they didn’t stop to think if they should. And the answer is obviously yes, they should. We tip our hats to whichever clever girl pulled these off. Again, the colors here give this jersey a jump up the charts. What do you think opposing teams would think of a team full of studs skating out in these jerseys? I’ll tell ya what they’d think. They’d think their team’s chances of winning a championship this season are probably extinct.



5. Ron Swansons
Ok, if you haven’t watched Parks and Rec you probably don’t know why The Ron Swansons make an awesome team name. The Ron Swansons want everyone to know they are manly men’s men. The players on this team probably do some woodworking, have too much facial hair, and drink until they pass out. Their pre-game meal is turf and turf (that’s a 16oz T-bone and 24oz porterhouse). How could this team be even more manly? They could come out on the ice in wife beaters and breezers. Since being so manly that you don’t have to wear all the sanctioned pads isn’t exactly legal, this team chose the next best thing… putting Ron Swanson on their jersey.



4. Pierre McGuire’s Monsters
Is the Monster a creepy jersey or what? We all know Pierre wakes up at the start of every week to post his #MCM. He usually just talks about how much he loves Sidney Crosby. This jersey takes the Lake Erie Monsters jersey and add an awesome tongue-in-cheek version of Pierre. He’s always creepin between the players benches like an ex-girlfriend who just noticed you in a picture with a new chick on Facebook.

Credit for Image to Jerseys Made Easy
3. Inglewood Jacks
If you’re a hockey player and don’t know why this Jules Winnfield inspired jersey is awesome, we can only assume you look like a bitch. You know what this jersey says about this team? It says “ We aren’t bitches, we are bad motherfuckers.” You don’t wanna mess with these guys. Make sure your keep your game clean when you face off against these goons or you’ll be getting fed the Inglewood Jack.




2. Ghostbusters
This jersey is so simple, yet so awesome. We went back and forth on what jerseys to put near the top and this one just kept slowly climbing the ladder. Who doesn’t love Ghostbusters? This jerseys leaves us with only one question though… Who ya gonna call?

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    1. St. Louis Blue Balls Not all who dangle can score, my friends. This wouldn’t be a very accurate beer league jersey list if there wasn’t at least one ridiculous sexual innuendo. (and oddly enough we are ridiculous enough to find this so hilarious we put it at numero uno… we actually never grow up do we?) These clowns doubled up the iconic blues logo and used their twisted sense of humor to show that they are the hilarious perverts of the league. What should you know about playing for a team that has jersey like this? Likely that showering after games is optional and you should probably just wait til you get home. st-louis-blue-balls   Those are our top 10 favorite Beer League Hockey Jerseys. What are your favorites? Tell us in the comments of our latest episode on youtube!