In the 2nd edition of the Top 10 Beer League Hockey Jerseys we continue our quest to find the best hockey jerseys ever to be donned by adult hockey teams. Here is the original Top 10. Let’s first start by exploring how does one judge the Top 10 jerseys? Really it’s subjective, hence why we have a 2nd edition. We were sent so many jerseys after our first version that we knew a sequel had to be done. I’m sure 3rd, 4th, and 5th versions will happen because us Beer Leaguers are clever. We are always thinking of ways to skirt around the fringes of legitimacy. Really though it takes the combination of a clever name or a hilarious logo to catch the attention of these Beer League Talk jersey judges! I guess cute animals could work too but we know how beer leaguer’s brains work.

It seems the most pressing question for beer league teams of today isn’t how much are league fees but rather how can we turn the name of a dirty sex act into a clever logo & team name that will be allowed by your local league? Hey we aren’t complaining. We are beer leaguers too. We think it’s HILARIOUS! We think it’s so hilarious we have created a contest where you can enter these incredible ideas and win a free set of awesome jerseys worth $1500. Check out the #BeerLeagueJerseyChallenge here.

10. Draft Tournament Benjamin Franklin’s

Ok this one is a bit self serving…. But we are writing this blog so we can do what we want! We think all of the draft tourney jerseys are awesome but we definitely think these ones are money! Literally these jerseys from the greatest adult tournament Las Vegas edition were money! They look awesome though and there’s always some beauty admiring these when we wear them to shinny! Want to play in the greatest adult hockey tournament in the world? Check out Draft Tournaments here!


9. The Fireballers

Everyone know that ice cold beer keeps the beer league machine running smooth but do you know what gets the party started? It’s a demonish liquid called Fire Ball. You want to join a team that knows how to party? Well if you run into a team that is sporting these jerseys then you know you’re in the right place. What can’t fireball cure? Didn’t win the big game? Don’t care.. Fireball. Broke a stick 1st game of the season? Don’t care ..Fireball. Wife threatens to leave you if you call her one more time to come get your drunk ass from the rink parking lot at 2 AM… well ok that’s one thing that Fireball would make worse. The beautys were made by Laga. We work with Laga on our jersey sponsorship program. Want Beer League Talk to sponsor your jerseys? Check out our sponsorship program here


8. Sloppy Posse

Ok Ok, We know we said it takes a combination of cool logo and a cheeky name but this one gets in on name alone. We know what they want us to think of their team and we also know what they want it to sound like. We all have those games where our posse is a bit sloppy!


7. Da Kings

The King of Rock & Roll would be proud to know he inspired this team’s awesome jerseys. I mean, the designer nailed the hair, the glasses, the TCB, but the donut could have been a friend peanut butter & banana sandwich. Nonetheless, I bet this team has a hunka hunka burnin good times when it destroys teams wearing these beauty jerseys.


6. The Pooping Unicorns

Here at BLT we like poop jokes. Sue us. So a pooping unicorn on a jersey? Count us in!
We would like to know the story behind this one, so if anyone knows please fill us in. And the colour scheme is pretty great, too. We don’t think you’re ever going to have any colour conflicts when you’re repping pink and rainbows.


5. The Nature Boys



credit to puck daddy

4. Nintendo Power

Reminiscent of NHL video games in their prime, this one has to remind you of the classic NHLPA ’93 on Super Nintendo. Back in simpler time when you only needed to know 2 buttons to play, which was MUCH better for us drinkers. And who didn’t love making Gretzky’s head bleed?

Cheers to Geek Jerseys for this one, they have a ton of awesome jerseys on there for your collection!


3. The Wolf Pack

We don’t know the origin story of this masterpiece, but this is our best guess. It started with a guy who was a bit of a loner. He thought of himself as a one-man Wolfpack. But then he designed these jerseys. And that day, his Wolfpack grew by 15. Because these jerseys are rad and we’d kill to play for this team. But loner dude needs to stop carrying his pucks in a satchel… we don’t care if Indiana Jones had one.


2. Duck Hunt

We can just picture that mangey dog snickering at the fact he made this list. And in the spirit of that jerk dog, it would be a missed opportunity if this team’s goalie didn’t laugh obnoxiously when their opponents miss the net. But we’d still high five him because this crew brought back a classic and for us, that hits the bullseye.


1. The Rippers

When you’re lost out there and you’re all alone, a light is waiting to carry you home… and that light is John Stamos, obviously. The Full House legend is repped on this Rippers jersey, and when you face off against these guys they won’t ever have mercy. A clever throwback and an obscure reference to a fictional band? You got it, dude. If you have any doubt these guys should top our list, you better cut it out. This design took the grand prize in Beer League Talk’s 2016 Jersey Challenge with the support of hundreds of votes to crown it the champ. But remember: when crowning a Ripper, you gotta watch the hair. Have Mercy!


There ya have it. Top 10 Beer League Jerseys v2. Did we miss your team’s sweet sweaters? Have you seen something else out there in the wild that should be honored? Shoot us a message on Twitter or Facebook. @Beerleaguetalk