It’s time for the 3rd edition of the Top 10 Beer League Hockey Jerseys. We continue our never ending quest to find the best hockey jerseys ever to be donned by adult hockey teams. Here is the original Top 10 and here is version 2.  How do we judge the Top 10 jerseys? Really it’s subjective and it’s ever changing. We were sent so many jerseys after our first 2 versiosn that we knew a third had to be done. Beer Leaguers are creative thus making us continue to churn out these blogs to keep up with their gross hockey jersey humor. Beer league hockey players are always thinking of ways to skirt around the fringes of legitimacy. Really though it takes the combination of a clever name or a hilarious logo to catch the attention of these Beer League Talk jersey judges!

It seems the most pressing question for beer league teams of today isn’t how much are league fees but rather how can we turn the name of a dirty sex act into a clever logo & team name that will be allowed by your local league? Hey we aren’t complaining. We are beer leaguers too. We think it’s HILARIOUS! We think it’s so hilarious we have created a contest where you can enter these incredible ideas and win a free set of awesome jerseys worth $1500. Check out the #BeerLeagueJerseyChallenge here.

Honorable Mention – Lil Cuties

We are pretty sure this guy got fed the knucks because the opposing team thought their jerseys were too cute.


10 – Harambe


We had to put this one in here because, well…. We are supposed to #NeverForget Harambe. We are doing our part by putting this tie-dyed reminder in our blog of top 10 beer league jerseys




9 – Smoke Eaters 9/11 tribute jersey


Nick is American, so he is always sentimental about this type of jersey. The rest of the BLT crew is vain, so they voted for this one because we sponsored the jerseys. Look closely and you’ll see that big, bold, beautiful BLT logo. But really though, this jersey was made to honor the fallen firefighters from 9/11. Their names are printed around the bottom of the jersey. It’s really an awesome way to use our incredible sport to honor fallen comrades. Please take a moment to reflect on and remember the heroes of 9/11.


BLT will sponsor your team’s new jerseys, too. All the info can be found here


8 – Weenerz


These jerseys are designed by the creator of the Stabley Cap Comic, Lord Stabley. You can find the comic here. Lord Stabley is a goalie so we automatically know he is crazy. The first part that jumps out about this jersey is the neon pink and electric blue – a combo we’d love to see more of in the beer league world. The next thing that grabs you is the name. I mean, the guys rocking these jerseys have to have pretty big … uhhh, hot dogs, to wear these on the ice. Dig the colors, laugh at the name, LOVE THE JERSEY!




7 – Soft Dump in The Corner


It’s no surprise the Beer League Talk crew chose a poop joke jersey for one of their Top 10 beer league jersey blog, is it? Yes, the crew of the greatest hockey show in the world has the maturity level of 6th graders. We love bathroom humor and especially the fact that the team is sponsored by “Squatty Potty.”




6 – The Krusty Krew


Who lives in the penalty box for 2 or 3?

Hooking, roughing, and slashing is he.

If getting a power play is something you wish,

Then drop to the ice and flop like a fish!


The Krusty Krew is obviously a bunch of beauties. You don’t usually see grown men rocking children’s cartoons on their jerseys but these guys have made the perfect jersey to own the look. Not a doubt in our minds that every post-game outing includes krabby patties and a few brews.




5 – Get Drunk and Score


This is the perfect hockey jersey/Tinder profile picture. It’s really sums up what this team is about in a few short words. Isn’t this what 99.98743% of beer leaguers are all about?




4 – Chinese Take Out


Not since Nick’s Mathematicians jersey debut from Laga Sports have we had to wonder if a jersey has truly crossed some sort of invisible line of taste. We aren’t sure if anyone would consider this offensive, but we find this jersey super simple and creative. Plus, this team really went all out with matching soakers and team toiletry bags. If you broke open the fortune cookie on the front of this jersey, it would probably read: “You are talented in many ways. It may or may not be hockey.”


3 – Broken Rubbers


Just the name is haunting. We’ve all had this scare at least once in our life. We can only imagine the disdain the other teams feel when they hear they are playing this crew next game. These players have found the perfect way to scare opponents and make them laugh at the same time.





2 – Whiskey Dekes


It seems like every beer league hockey division has a team or two with a sexual innuendo team name. You know that team, right? Their pregame consists of telling big dick jokes and talking about their latest sexual conquest (PS they are making it up). The best part of these teams is that they fully commit to their team names by making disgustingly awesome jerseys, usually in fully anatomically correct detail. Like these.




1 – Hello Kitty


Can we preface this by saying we really hope this team didn’t steal their uniforms from a group of pre-teen girls? While the cuteness is visually overwhelming, we can only assume the claws come out when these guys hit the ice. Their style is nothing short of pur-fect, HA! Honestly though, we should all take a lesson from these guys and not take ourselves too seriously on the ice. Hockey is fun and that’s what this Hello Kitty team is all about. So congrats to the champs! Hopefully they got a few of those mini kegs of beer in the pic instead of some stupid trophy.