Top 3 reasons the Bolts choked off Game 7 and won’t be playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

by @Nickerjones

Well Game 7 was a fun one. Ovie led the Caps to the finals, Holtby has put up over 120 minutes of shutout hockey, and the Bolts..well their season is over. A lot of people are all poopy pants over Vegas being in the Finals ( But it’s been a good thing.. It’s evolving how teams are trying to improve) and a lot of Bolts fans are now upset their team didn’t move on. Let’s take a look at the Top 3 reasons why the Bolts came up short in Game 7. 

3. Ovie


Ole silver fox himself has put this team on his back. Ovie is the main reason the Caps are moving on to the finals. 

2. Wearing black ear Loops and chin straps

Listen every beer leaguer that takes 3+ min shifts (that’s all of them by the way) knows to play good you have to look good. How the F can teams worth millions not match their gear. C’mon guys…. see even the PHEW guys are on it. 


The #1 reason the Bolts aren’t going to the SCF.

2004… that f’in puck was in and I don’t give a dan what you think. It was in! You heard it here first folks…. The Bolts won’t win another Stanley Cup until the universe rights it’s self and the Flames win a cup!