The Top 5 Beer League Talk Hockey Podcasts of 2015.

Yes, we know you’re sad and lost without your weekly episode of Beer League Talk. Don’t worry we will be back better than ever next week. Before we get to the Top 5 episodes of Beer League Talk in 2015, we wanted to say a quick thank you to all the beer league adult hockey players around the world that helped make Beer League Talk a success in 2015. Thank you guys. We always talk about draft tournaments on the podcast so we wanted to thank you by giving away a free entry into the upcoming Vegas tournament. CLICK HERE TO ENTER

We wanted to share to the Top 5 episodes of 2015 to help you get by until our next episode next week so here we go!




Beer League Talk #5 Episode of 2015

It’s so hard to count our top Beer League Talk Episodes of 2015. We love all of them but we are going to narrow it down. We are going to start with the episode that started it all! It seems like it was so long ago since we have over 50 releases but it was only released on July 1. Episode # 1 covers what is Beer League Hockey? Why Brett, myself, and all adult hockey players play this awesome sport. It covers how Brett and I started, what we think about pump music, and asked a weird ref question.

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Beer League Talk #4 Episode of 2015

This episode is #4 on our list. It’s an awesome episode because it was one of our first big interviews. In This episode we talk to Jeff Copetas, VP of marketing and communications at Pure Hockey. We talk about Pure Hockey’s expansion, how Jeff got into the hockey industry, Jeff’s beer league hockey career, and his love of the Bruins. We love the people over at Pure Hockey.

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Beer League Talk #3 Episode of 2015

Episode # 3 is probably the podcast that we are most proud of. If covers a topic in Hockey that is rarely talked about in this sport. We talked to Kwame Mason who is the director and producer of the movie Soul on Ice: Past, Present, and Future. Soul on Ice is a documentary that details the contributions of black athletes to the sport of hockey. Kwame was an awesome person to talk to. You should check out this podcast and then go check out more on Kwame’s documentary.

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Beer League Talk #2 Episode of 2015

In the #2 episode of Beer League talk, Misty kills us with her shittiest job. Episode 39 was probably the one of the most fun podcasts of 2015. Dani, Misty, and Kylie join the boys in the studio. We talk about Kylie scoring her first hockey goal ever, go over the shittiest jobs we have ever had. Then, one of the most ridiculously crazy moments that could ever happen is discussed. Our crazy friends from Tacoma send us a clip detailing getting booted out of an event for disgracing one of the best awards you could ever win. You should definitely check this one out if you missed it. This one very well could have been our #1 Beer League Talk Hockey podcast of 2015.

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Beer League Talk #1 Episode of 2015

Annnnnddddddd here we are! Our favorite and #1 podcast of 2015. Episode #26. This one is probably the most fun podcast we don’t remember of 2015. The NCHL Draft Tournaments usually turn into drunken shit shows. They are the literal definition of Beer League Adult Hockey. Our draft tournament in Phoenix was no different but this time we had microphones to record. In what is now epically called “The Drunk Cast”. If you missed this or if you just want to re-live a little piece of epicness, you’ll want to click below.

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Again we want to thank you for listening to Beer League Talk. We have some great things planned for 2016. We hope you have as much fun listening as we do recording these podcasts. We hope that they have allowed to enjoy the great sport of Beer League Hockey more. Please share this with your friends and teammates. Let us know if there were any other episodes that you think deserved to be in the Top 5 but were left out! Tweet us @beerleaguetalk