Bobby Orr is the greatest defenceman of all time. Not even up for debate. He also owns the single greatest moment in NHL history and they built a statue of it outside of TD garden in Boston.

Well Torey Krug is going to get his own statue one day. I’m not even kidding. Did you see that hit last night?



Torey Krug, monster 5’9 defenceman gets mauled in front of the net, right in front of the ref. No penalty called.

So in typical Bruins fashion, this guy is tough as nails, and goes down the ice, bucket-less, to lay down one of the best hits in NHL history.




In Boston they build you statues for shit like this. Sorry Rob Thomas.



And for those calling the hit dirty, or a charge? You are an absolute fucking idiot (looking at you Pierre LeBrun).



Krug glides for like 20 feet before making the hit, and also stays on his feet at contact. That is absolutely not a charge and frankly isn’t even close. Don’t be like Pierre LeBrun. Don’t be an idiot.