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So scrolling through social media checking out if there are any major hockey stories to talk about on the latest episode of The Windy City Benders Podcast, I come across one of the most ridiculous stories.  Fair warning this isn’t a hockey blog.

On June 4th in a Double A Minor league baseball game, New York Yankee Prospect Matt Lipka put down a beautiful bunt down the first baseline for an infield single. Why is this such a big deal you as? He did so in ninth inning with 1 out, down by three, and oh yeah the other team was 2 outs away from a no-hitter. This kid sees a chance to get the boys going and not only takes advantage of it but does it perfectly. Of course the second he gets called safe the boo birds are out in full force and once the game is over the benches clear as if they just rocked Mike Trout in the dome with a fastball.


Here are a few of my issues I have with this.

Number One: “Unwritten Rules” are stupid. Just because someone does something you don’t like doesn’t make it wrong. Like just because your team is 2 outs away from the no hitter the other team is just supposed to give up? Hell no do whatever it takes to get on based try and win the game.

Number Two: I should have mentioned this earlier, this potential no hitter was a combined attempt. These guys are getting mad over losing a 4 pitcher combined no hitter. They are almost getting in to a fight with the other team, fans are booing and sending death threats to this kids all because of an “Unwritten Rule” on a 4 pitcher no hitter attemept… are you serious? I feel like Will Ferrel in Zoolander, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills”

Number Three: This one is a little bit of a stretch because lets face it I’m playing beer league and these guys are getting paid poorly to play a game. Does anyone truly care about a potential combine no hitter in Double A ball? If this was in the show ok I might not be as critical but come on the only point for this league is to get these guys up to speed and hopefully fast tracked to the show. Why would you give up in a developmental game all over a “Unwritten Rule”

So let me leave it at this, am I alone and thinking that it is dumb that people are mad about this? Also I want to know what “Unwritten Rules” you absolutely can’t stand. Can be any sport, one of the ones I really hate is in beer league that after so many goals you need to stop trying. Listen I’m all for not embarrassing a team but come on we all paid the same league fees and I’m here to have fun. If my team was on the other end the last thing I would want is for the other team to just stop trying.