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Beer League Talk published an article earlier this month regarding the February 1st incident in Washington, DC where a United States Park Police helicopter was used to chase pickup hockey players off the frozen Reflecting Pool located on the National Mall. As we noted in our initial article, “Park regulations prohibit skating on the reflecting pool.” Despite what you have see on the internet (and in movies like “Forrest Gump”), swimming and wading in the Reflecting Pool is also prohibited.

The BLT article also contained a statement from the United States Park Police Public Information Office stating that an internal investigation was being launched into the actions of the pilot on February 1st. Requests for information regarding the progress of the internal investigation went unanswered until this morning, when BLT received an update from the Park Police PIO.

“…regarding your inquiry, due to it being an internal administrative investigation, no information can be made public.”

Barring a LinkedIn profile for an out-of-work helicopter pilot, it seems like we won’t know how this story turns out.