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Last night kicked off the beginning of the MLB’s all-star festivities with everyone’s favorite event, the Home Run Derby. There really is nothing quite like watching 8 superstars go up to the plate and hit continuous moonshots. For those who watched the entire event, you know that Pete Alonso beat out Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in the final round for a cool 1-million-dollar prize.

However, just because Alonso technically won the event, did not mean he stole the show. That honor belonged to Guerrero Jr. This was inspiring to many people watching. For one, Guerrero Jr. is one of the only bright spots on a very bad Toronto Blue Jays team, and gives glimmering hope of good things to come in the future. More importantly though, it gave all of us out of shape guys a sense of pride.

It proved you do not have to be the most fit or well-trained person to be a great athlete. Take one look at Vladdy and tell me that is a guy who works hard in the gym. You can’t. This guy was raking like no one has ever seen in a Home Run Derby before. In his first round he set a record with 29 homers, which beat the previous record held by Josh Hamilton when he hit 28 in 2008. So what did Vladdy do his second time up? Simple, he tied the record he just set, hitting 29 yet again. This is when this years Derby became historical.



Not to be outdone, Joc Pederson, who was facing Guerrero in the second round, also walked up and hit 29. These two ended up needing three(!!) tiebreakers before Guerrero was able to narrowly knock him off 40-39. By then everyone was completely buzzing about Guerrero and seemingly forgot there even was a final.

Alonso ended up beating a completely gassed Guerrero 23-22 in the final round (remember the out of shape thing). When all was said and done he lost 91-57. Sick format, MLB. I don’t care what the record books show for who won the derby in 2019. This event will forever be remembered for one thing and one thing only. Vladdy.