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It’s that time of the year again…. Westy time. This is the 2nd year for the beer league team battle for thousands of dollars in free gear and the title of ‘best beer league team in the world’. Last year teams solicited votes from friends, families, teammates, and local media outlets. It was a tough battle ultimately won by the TomCats of St. John’s, Newfoundland. This year we want to give you a way to boost your votes and show some appreciation to the sponsors of The Westy. We designed some contests and challenges to do just that. We also want you to use theses boosts as a way to introduce your team to Beer League Talk and The Westy Committee. Remember it’s not just votes that will win you The Westy. It’s your team proving they are the best beer league team. All of these votes will carry over to each of the first 3 rounds.

  • Register your team on breakoutplay.com
    • 200 votes
  • Invite your players and have then sign up for your team on breakoutplay.com
    • 100  votes per confirmed player email address
    • Subscribe to Beer League Talk’s Youtube Channel and comment on video (must mention team’s name)
      • 10 votes/comment
  • Have a tweet mentioning your team’s twitter account by a sponsor (use #westyaward)
    • 10 votes/tweet
  • Have a tweet mentioning your team’s twitter account, @beerleaguetalk, and using #WestyAward by a third party
    • 5 votes/tweet
  • Laga Sports – Design on a team jersey on a template. Upload it, tag Laga, Beer League Talk, Westyaward on all social platforms
  • Make a 1+ minute video showing us why your team needs new gloves. Upload on all social platforms and tag Beer League Talk, Westyaward, and True Hockey
    • 400 Votes
  • Make a 1+ min video of why your team needs new bags. Post on Facebook/Twitter with team name and Beer League Talk, Pacific Rink, and WestyAward tagged
    • 400 Votes
    • Post a comment on team page on www.westyaward.com
      • 50 votes/comment (up to 15 comments)

There will be multiple weekly challenges revolving around Beer League Talk’s podcast episode. Make sure your team is subscribed on Youtube & iTunes and following all our social media channels.

Good Luck Teams