Last week you may have read my blog about the best Anaheim Ducks jersey in franchise history. Then the rumours were swirling that the Ducks may actually throw it back to the “Mighty” days, and go teal and eggplant for their third jersey!

On Saturday, they released this video, which is promising as you watch it… And then when you see the final product, your stomach drops.

What the FUCK is this abomination??? How many fucking colours can one jersey have? Seriously, I can count 8 colours at least on this hot mess of garbage.

If you’re going to do a throwback, THEN DO A REAL THROWBACK!!!! Look at the arms… There is a stripe that changes colours 5 different times! How can anyone that has even signed up for a design class, let alone be a professional designer, working with a team of other designers, think that this is okay?

It’s funny too, because I’ve seen a bunch of people like the jersey thinking that the main part is purple (which it obviously should be), and then when they realize their eyes aren’t tricking them and that’s actually black in the middle, they have the same reaction as everyone else.

Sorry Ducks, but you done fucked up. Why could’t you have just done what everyone else was expecting and do this baby? I guess we just add it to the list of absolutely asinine jersey decisions by NHL teams. Which seems to be a very common theme nowadays.

Via @S7Dsn

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