You have done it before… you know you have. You have challenged a buddy with something that sounds like “Hey playboy….If you do that I’ll chug my whole god damned beer” Usually it’s something so ridiculous and the jokes on your buddy because even if he does complete the task… well you wanted to chug that beer anyway. I can see my group of buddies doing this on the golf course FOR SURE! The problem is, me and my buddies aren’t usually challenging NFL kicker Robbie Gould. This beer league legend did.

  So here’s the set up. Mr Gould puts one in the trees… he’s an NFL  kicker for fuck sakes not a golfer, get off his back. Drunken fan yells Hey Playboy … ok it probably wasn’t playboy. Hey Gould, I’ll chug my whole beer if you can put this one on the green.  Well Robbie Gould has a lil bit of Shooter McGavin in him so he takes the bet. He’s got ice in his veins and he nails it… no big deal. Drunken fan obliges, chugs beer, and everyone is happy.

I know in my heart of hearts that the drunken fan is for sure a hockey player. If he’s not then he should be. Drunken fan if you’re out there please message us. If you’re not playing hockey we will find some gear to get you out there. Hockey needs you playboy!