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I hate the Toronto Maple Leafs with more passion than anyone should hate anything. Their players, their absolute futility in the last 50+ years, and the way their fans seem to ignore this fact and think they are the greatest thing to happen to the NHL, and we should talk about them, and praise every goal and win 24/7.

But today they’re doing something pretty sweet, hosting their “Next Generation Game” with a 2pm start on a non-holiday.

The game is basically a celebration for young kids and hockey players to actually get a chance to see a game live at the ACC Scotiabank Arena. Which is a nice change because every other game is loaded with corporate fucks paying $500+ per ticket. I don’t have any numbers but the Leafs have to have the lowest percentage of youth at their games.

According to Brandan Shanahan, “The Toronto Maple Leafs are proud to host the Next Generation Game to celebrate the youth in our community and encourage the next generation of fans to reach their hockey dreams.”

The Leafs are hosting thousands of young fans at the game, including groups from MLSE LaunchPad, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), NHL & NHLPA Future Goals Program, and Scotiabank-sponsored minor hockey teams.

They are also encouraging other fans to bring a youth with them to the game, or someone that is a new fan to hockey.

Not bad, Leafs, not bad! I’m all for kids and new fans experiencing the greatest sport in the world. Unfortunately they have to watch the worst team in the world, but at least the Minnesota Wild are respectable?