Imagine as you go to bed tonight and you’re worried about coming up with the cash to pay your car payment next week. When you wake up tomorrow morning you take a look at your bank account and excitedly realize you don’t have to worry about coming up with that cash anymore! That would be absolutely incredible right?

Sounds to good too be true? Well not for one lucky dude named Tommy Fleetwood. No, not that PGA Golfer Tommy Fleetwood… The other, regular Joe, Tommy Fleetwood who just so happened to get PGA Golfer Tommy Fleetwood’s British Open winnings deposited into his bank account by “mistake”. Yeah a whopping $154,480 just deposited into the wrong person’s account. NO BIG DEAL



It’s 2018… how the F does this even happen anymore? Since it does still happen, I’ll be heading down to the old Department of Name Change tomorrow morning and changing my name to Connor McDavid. NHL Connor McDavid makes about 1.75 million a year divided by roughly 16 paycheques. So if myself, as ole’ regular Joe Connor McDavid, could just get one of these “mistakes” a year put into my account, then the name change is worth it.


What would you do if this happened to you? Obviously I’m a good person, so I’d probably call the bank and let them know what happened. I know some of you beatniks wouldn’t be so full of morality. BUT… If ole regular Joe Connor McDavid (me) saw one of those $10,500,000 signing bonus mistakes end up in my account, how quickly do you think they’d let me withdraw 10 million in cash so I could disappear somewhere into the world and write blogs in paradise?

If you were smart you’d change your name too… But maybe choose a different player. Who would you choose? This guy has a cool name and a pretty solid pay cheque too.