Womens Hockey is SOFT?

by @Nickerjones


The team USA and the team Canada women teams HATE each other. Actually hate might not be strong enough. Super hate? Super Duper hate? LOATHE? Really you can’t understand the hate these teams have for each other unless you watch  them play.

As a dude hockey player I have been guilty of skimming over women’s games and thinking it was a slower or a less physical brand of hockey. This was a long time ago ladies, back off! Recently I have gotten to experience women’s hockey from a different perspective. Women’s hockey is a lot of things. One thing women’s hockey is not is soft. 


Don’t take my word for it. See evidence from tonight’s game. 


As an American this was shitty non call by the referee. This should have been 10 and a game. As a resident referee hater, meaning I have never reffed before so I think they all stink. So…… “REFS YOU SUCK! You’re ruining the game” #USA What do you think? About the hit, the game, and these shitty ass referees? Leave us a comment below.


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