“Wednesday night at the AL Wildcard game, some asshole Yankees fan poured an entire beer on an A’s fan”


If you polled every NHL fan in the world that wasn’t a Maple Leafs fan asking “who is the worst fan base in the NHL?”, fans would overwhelmingly say Maple Leafs fans. The Leafs are in the biggest hockey market in Toronto and fans of the team think that entitles them act like doofuses. A lot of the what goes into making Leafs fans shitty is that they haven’t won a title since 1967. Yes, Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Seven. That’s literally over a decade before I was born. Yet, every year we have to hear about how “good” their squad is and that “this is the year”. Also don’t forget 2018 catch phrases, “we don’t have a cap problem” and “Nylander is greedy. He should take way less than he is worth and enjoy our run of Stanley Cups”.

So how does that make Yankee fans the Maple Leafs fans of the MLB? Well, both teams play in the biggest markets in their country. Both teams are always rumored to be in on be on every big name free agent and usually overpay for them. *Cough cough* Tavares. *Cough cough* Masahiro Tanaka. Both teams haven’t won championships in YEARS. Both team’s fan bases never stop talking about how how incredible their team is. EVER! Both fanbases even have the same go to assault on opposing team’s fans… Notice anything similar here?



Also note, the doofus filming this whole incident in portrait mode…. most likely a Leafs fan.