First off, no offence to Mr. Gretzky, Mr. Orr, or Mr. Howe. These guys were great hockey players.

Has Ovi ever scored 200 points in a season? Well, no. Did Ovi reinvent the defensive position like Bobby Orr? Again, no. Has Ovi ever had a Gordie Howe Hat Trick… I don’t even know, we’re getting lost in semantics here. But Ovi is the GREATEST hockey of all time.

Why? Easy:

Ovi resonates with the common beer leaguer way more than any elite player in the history of the game. Hell, probably more than any player in the history of any sport. As beer leaguers, we will never be able to get close to the Great 8’s goal total, nor will ever be able to take the Stanley Cup to Bed .

We can do this, however:


and this…


This guy is all of us if we ever made it to the show. And had actual talent. I know I would be doing the exact same thing if I ever won Lord Stanley.

So why should we all consider Ovi the GOAT? Because outside of scoring over 600 NHL goals and winning a Stanley Cup, he’s just like us: a beer leaguer… I know he’s likely used a few of our excuses too.

Plus the guy can celly like a GOAT too:

… Something beer leaguers can definitely relate to. But the real question is, is it the greatest goal celly of all time??? Have a look at this one and decide for yourself.

So do you agree with us? Is Ovi the GOAT?

You gotta admit he’s at least the Greatest Beer Leaguer of All Time!