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Flames unveil Heritage Classic Sweaters. All other NHL sweaters are now inferior.

Choosing Between Lucic And Neal Is Like

Would you rather?

The NHL Playoffs SUCK And Here’s Why


This Kid With The Wheels of The Year

Take notes fellas

Rumor – Flames/Heat Signing Tri-City Americans Nolan Yaremko

BREAKING NEWS: Flames Get Stone In Preparation of Trade Deadline

Huge News For The Flames

Elias Lindholm trolls ex-fan base after beating them in their own barn.

Lindholm gets last laugh after being traded out of Carolina.

Just give the Stanley Cup to the Flames now

This mask will win the Flames the cup.

IGGY’s number is being retired and the Flames better not mess it up more than they already have

Even the Flames players are tired of Mike Smith’s goaltending

Flames players doing their best beer league warmup impression

Old School Hockey – Are You Not Entertained?

Old School Hockey - Are you not entertained?

Hey NHL, The Shootout Is STUPID


The Worst Trade In NHL History (That No One Talks About)

Oh What Could Have Been...

Mike Smith’s New Mask Is Absolute FIRE

An awesome throwback to the Mike Vernon days

Calgary Flames Proving Their Worth

Flames > Sharks. Obviously.

Calgary Flames, I’m In Love And I Don’t Care Who Knows It

The Sharks are NOT the team to beat in the Pacific

Unpopular Opinion Alert!

BREAKING NEWS: NHL Changes Ruling On Iginla Retirement Day

A monumental decision for the 2004 Calgary Flames

Best Jersey In Franchise History: The Calgary Flames

Best Jerseys in NHL History Part 5: Calgary Flames