Episode 200 – Turning Japanese

September 19, 2019

The boys are back after a 2 week hiatus for some Japan puck!


August 29, 2019

We've been banned... Finally. We also answer the question of "Is Jay the dumbest hockey player"?

Episode 198 – FACE/OFF

August 23, 2019

Fight/Liney/Cut - Beiber, Keanu, Michael Scott? Am I The Asshole: Hiding New Gear From Spouse

Episode 197 – Am I The Asshole?

August 14, 2019

It has been 2 weeks since our last episode.... and we want to know Am I the Asshole?

Episode 196: You Can Call Me Mr. Goalie

July 31, 2019

Episode 195: Let’s Storm The HHOF

July 24, 2019

* Nanner Puddin and Cornbread * Storming the HHOF * Tourney #14

Episode 194: Hangover Boners

July 17, 2019

-The Badass Legendary Trip - Nick, Brent, and Jay discuss being 'in the zone' - The boys ponder if Nick has become an elite hockey player. -A huge revelation about Jay -Brand new F-Liney-Cut.

Everything is Awful: Episode 25: The Scrappiest Place on Earth

July 14, 2019

This epsiode Jordan and Justin talk about alcoholic seltzer water - is it manly? we also discuss throwing hands at Disney, is Trump a racist, US Womens Soccer, and is Jeff Epstein a dead man walking?

Episode 193: F-Liney-Cut

July 10, 2019

Let's get it this week. What would it take to give up your number and a new take on the F Marry Kill game.

Episode 49: The Super Soft Off-Season Episode

July 7, 2019

Episode 49: The Super Soft Off-Season Episode

Episode 192 – Afternoon Delight

July 3, 2019

The most disgusting locker room ever. Do you want VIP access to the BLT ultimate experience

Episode 191 – How Embarrassing

June 26, 2019

Episode 48 – Document This

June 25, 2019

Chip is joined this week by comedian Tony Alfano, and the Minnesota boys Casimir and Adam, who are in town to shoot the LA portion of their " 4 the Love of Puck" documentary.

Episode 190 – With All Due Respect

June 19, 2019

-The Internet is mad at Nick -Let's talk ball and team morale -We hope you aren't offended

Episode 4: Why is this sport so soft

June 12, 2019

America's pastime

Episode 189 – Double Or Nothing

June 11, 2019

- Nick's mug is plastered all over "Canadian ESPN's" social media - Dani has a shitty tournament experience - NIck doubles down on a $1000 losing bet just to stick it to Jay

Episode 47: Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’… In Pasadena

June 9, 2019

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

Episode 188 – All Audio All The Time

June 6, 2019

The episode title is misleading

Episode 3 – Weird AF Technology

June 6, 2019

I'm smarter than Technology. If technology is so smart then why can't it do this.....

Episode 187 – Draft Spoiler Alert

May 28, 2019

Free Jerseys, Free Sticks, Free Draft tournaments, and a whole lot of laughs (that you should be paying good money for)

Episode 46: CJ and Jake are Too Bigtime for Chip Now

May 28, 2019

Game of Thrones, NHL Playoffs, and New Coke

Episode 2 – What Are You Thinking?

May 27, 2019

Blink 182, Lil Wayne, and stupid fantasy football players

Episode 186 – Breaking Bad

May 22, 2019

- How to motivate Nick to break his slump - Nick and Dani's drinking gauntlet looms large - What would it take for you to break bad?

Episode 185 – The Burning Boob

May 14, 2019

Nick Needs Medical Advice .. Oh and he is releasing a new podcast. Since Dani is having more dating woes she has challenged Nick to a dangerous drinking contest in Toronto at the end of May. Enjoy!

Episode 184 – Let’s Get This Bread

May 8, 2019

Life Tips You Should Hear Should You Charge Subs Nick Just Saved Women's Hockey

Everything is Awful – Episode 22: Endgame of Thrones

May 1, 2019

We get nerdy. Game of Thrones, Endgame...it gets weird.

Episode 183 – GM’s are big fat liars

April 30, 2019

Topics: - Your GM lies you should be thankful - Yes Nick is an athlete but can he really do that? - Hey Dick Fingers... Would you rather?

Episode 182 – The No Hockey Episode

April 25, 2019

Hockey Playoffs are taking their toll on Nick and he is tired of hockey so the crew take on some other topics. Are you on the CDB train? Tell us about it. Check out episode 182

Winning Ships in Vegas: A Draft Tournament Recap

April 17, 2019

Hear Brian's recap of the most unique experience in adult hockey - The Draft Tournament

Episode 181 – The “What Would It Take” Episode

April 16, 2019

Episode 180 – Bracket Fever

April 11, 2019

- BLT bracket challenge - Nick got shot…well kind of.. almost - The most amazing thing ever to happen in beer league…. Seriously. Every one said this would never happen but it finally did

Episode 179: A Sad Day For Women’s Hockey

April 2, 2019

CWHL Ceases To Exist Hanging Titty - Locker Room Etiquette More Podcasts? Yay or Nay? Giving away sticks

Episode 178: Playoff Blues

March 26, 2019

-Beer league playoffs and player (ringer) eligibility requirements - Shady massages stories - Off season plans - BLT's new league - The XHL - Why the F is Nick recording in a ball glove?

Episode 177 – Hockey Karma

March 13, 2019

-Hockey Tourney SZN -You Be The Ref 
-Hockey Karma 
-Dani and Apes' teams face off in the 1st round of the 'ploffs. Bloodbath or no? 
-Would You Rather

Episode 8 – Brian’s Return

March 12, 2019

Don't call this a comeback. One half of the original crew has decided enough is enough. He's ready to reach the goalies again. Goalies don't let Brian off the hook.

Episode 176 – Do You Have Any Coke?

March 6, 2019

We throw the best parties slash hockey tourneys. Arrests, cocaine, and 3-somes. This episode has a little bit of it all.

Episode 175 – Survey Says…

February 27, 2019

Episode 175: Survey Says - Beer guzzling grandmas are epic, & more from Nick’s Anaheim trip - Does anyone even like FREE GEAR anymore? - Nick & Apes compete on our new game show, BLT FEUD & more

Episode 174 – Fuck the D 3-on-3

February 12, 2019

BLT's first ever 3-on-3 tourney was a blast. Dani complains ... again and Nick needs help to put on a show for the folks in Anaheim this weekend.

Episode 173 – Would Your Rather?

February 5, 2019

Nick is fired up and ready to rant, thanks to one beer league team acting like a bunch of butt babies. Listen to hear if you’re the one who pissed him off! Plus, BLT made one goalie’s dream come true.

Beer League Talk Interviews – Conor Garland

February 1, 2019

Conor Garland is a certified beauty and not just because he is an NHLer that actually let us record him talking to us.

Episode 172 – Negative Salary Cap

January 29, 2019

Episode 172 - Negative Salary Cap

Episode 171: Meet Coach Rob

January 22, 2019

Episode 170 – Empty Net Etiquette

January 16, 2019

Discontinued Food, empty nets, and so many tournaments. Come join us for episode 170.

Episode 169 – Nuthin but Nick

January 1, 2019

Team BLT wrapped up 2018 by making Nick record by himself.... and he loved it! Nick skipped out on a portion of Dani's New Year's Eve party to give the fans what they want..... FREE STICKS!

Episode 168 – Hockey Festivus

December 23, 2018

We have a problem with you people and now you're gonna hear about it. Gather round the Festivus sniper stick and listen to Nick, Brett, Jay, and Dani air their grievances of each other, referees, and

Episode 167 – Who invited YOU?!

December 19, 2018

What do you do when you're the GM assembling a tournament team and one of your friends starts inviting whoever they want? Do April and Nick dish out swift justice?

Episode 166: Who Wants To Get Hazed?

December 12, 2018

Episode 166 covers the crew’s hazing stories, their memories of their days in AOL chat rooms, and the pondering of if their clap-bombs could disable active shooters.

Episode 165: We Pay Good Money for THIS?

November 28, 2018

Episode 165: We Pay Good Money for THIS? It's nearly December so we're talking hockey Christmas. We answer some listener questions & Nick gives out free unsolicited advice for dealing with leagues

Episode 164 – Odd Man Rush

November 20, 2018

In Episode 164 this show gets professional... like real professional. Nick chats with former pro Bill Keenan about his book, Odd Man Rush.

Episode 163 – I Remember My First Time…

November 14, 2018

Episode 163 - I Remember My First Time... Sorry fans, it's not what you think. But you'll be thoroughly disgusted none the less as Nick, April and Dani regale you with the stories of the first time.

Episode 162 – Too Drunk For Hockey

November 6, 2018

What is too drunk to play hockey? We find out from people that got too drunk to play games in our Phoenix Draft Tourney!

Episode 161 – Pop Quiz, Hot Shot

October 25, 2018

Nick was denied the diplomatic immunity he definitely never had, Jay skipped beer league for Foo Fighters, and Brett ponders what teams do off the ice at tourneys. Dani gives the crew her ref quiz.

Episode 10 – Hot and Cold Starts

October 17, 2018

Jay and Nick discuss the best teams in the NHL, who is going to be taking the Western Conference Regular Season Championship this year.

Episode 160: Couch Potatoes

October 16, 2018

April, Dani and Nick plop down on the couch for an extra-relaxed episode because the cameras weren’t rolling this week.

Episode 159 – Beer League Wedding

October 11, 2018

New Segment Alert: Ask a Beer Leaguer debuts and it's well um.... as expected. Check out the new segment and more in episode 159

Episode 9 – New Season Thoughts

October 10, 2018

In Episode 9 of Post and Out Nick & Jay give their thoughts on the young season. Nick -“stradamus” has spoken, as another one of Nick’s predictions has come true.

Episode 158 – Pro Beer Leaguers

October 3, 2018

Kick back and listen as we chat with form AAHA, IHL, and European Pro Matt Moffatt.

Episode 157 – Beer Smugglers

September 26, 2018

Smuggling Beer, Mascots, and Sniping Genos. Nick is joined by Brett and Jay this week to talk all the important adult hockey topics.

Episode 8 – Every Hockey Question Answered

September 25, 2018

How many points will McDavid get? How will the Knights do this season? Who will be the bottom 3 teams in the NHL? Hear Nick and Jay answer all these and more in this week eppy of Post and Out

Episode 156 – The New Worst Episode

September 19, 2018

Against all odds, Nick survived the 48-hour CHEL-A-THON in support of veterans' mental health. We are thrilled to announce our fans helped us raise $1,600. AND MORE

Episode 7 – Karlsson, Seguin, and quitting in the middle of a game

September 18, 2018

Erik Karlsson heads out west to San Jose... Did the Sens get enough? Obviously not. Is Ottawa the biggest tire fire of our generation? Nick thinks not. Pacioretty heading to the Vegas Knights, and Seg

Episode 155: Speeding Pacts

September 5, 2018

What are we mad about this week? April has GM gripes when one of her players plans an exhibition game without telling her. Dani’s recent road trip sparks questions over who has to eat speeding tickets

Episode 7 – We Are Back

August 30, 2018

THE CREASEKEEPERS ARE BACK! in an extra long episode where they catch you up on what's been going on since their disappearance.

Episode 154: The Conspiracy Episode

August 29, 2018

Dani is pissed after getting back from a tournament where two other teams conspired to keep her team out of the finals. And Nick has some video corroboration for his worst ref ever claim

Episode 153: Beer League Confessions

August 24, 2018

Better sit down for this one. We get into some of our fans deepest hockey confessions. Let's just say, keep an eye on your shoulder pads, friends.

Episode 152 – Too competitive? Nahhh!

August 14, 2018

Today we ask: Have you ever caught yourself being way too competitive? Obviously the BLT hosts are 100% calm, cool and collected at all times.

Episode 151 – Good Guy Ringer vs Bad Guy Ringer

August 10, 2018

Is there such a thing as a good guy ringer? This week we talk about whether all ringers ruin the game or if there are some mysterious ringer unicorns who aren’t dicks.

Episode 6 – The RFA Episode

August 9, 2018

Jay and Nick sit down and discuss some big signings in the past week. Did Mark Stone get overpaid? Did William Karlsson not get enough? What about un-signed RFAs. Come join us and give your thoughts

Episode 150 – Let Them Eat Cake!

August 2, 2018

150 episodes and still rolling. We’d like to thank the fans. You’re the nicest dozen people we’ve (maybe) met and without your support, we would have even less self-esteem than we do now.

Episode 5 – The All Iggy Eppy

August 1, 2018

The legend Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla has left the NHL but the mark he made on the players, the fans, and the game will live forever.

Episode 149: Just a Shorty

July 31, 2018

This week's episode is coming at you quick and dirty so Nick can book it to his 6:30pm hockey game. Who plays this early?!

Post and Out Episode 4: What the Goalie?

July 24, 2018

In memory of Ray Emery the boy chat about their favorite goalies which also leads to goalie contracts. Is it worth it to pay goalies huge money? We also touch on Kucherov's contract and more!

Episode 148 – Podcast Porn

July 18, 2018

Still lurking around April’s basement, the BLT crew has a few new ideas to generate some income for the show.

Episode 6 – Dem Playoff Whoas

July 9, 2018

We keep rolling rolling rolling... hit us up on social media to give us show feedback.

Episode 5 – We Fu**ed Up

July 9, 2018

We forgot to hit record for the first 15 minutes but no worries... we are back with an awesome episode for all you tendys out there.

Episode 4 – Goalie Playoff Woes

July 9, 2018

Episode 3 – The Goalie Trifecta Episode

July 9, 2018

Episode 2 – The Goalie Show Goes On

July 9, 2018

Episode 1 – Tales from the Crease Keepers

July 9, 2018

Post and Out Episode 3 – NHL Super Teams

July 5, 2018

This week Jay and Nick delve into the winners and losers of Free Agency, discuss trades, Toronto Maple Leaf fans and much more. Question of the week: Are NHL super teams going to become the norm like

Episode 147 – April’s Basement

July 3, 2018

Why no episode last week? Maybe it’s because Nick and April were in Seattle for another draft tourney and Dani’s a lazy butt who refused to just make an episode

Beer League Talk Interviews – Matt Donovan

June 26, 2018

Nick chatted with Oklahoma's only born and bred NHL hockey player ( and Squatchhockeyco.com owner) Matt Donovan. Nick and Matt chat about how in the world an Oklahoman made the NHL.

Post and Out Episode 2: Inside Info On John Tavares

June 25, 2018

We get some inside info from an ex-teammate of John Tavares of where Tavares will sign. We also discuss Rasmus Dahlin, possible draft trades, and Barry Trotz leaving.

Episode 146: Who is Shaquille O’Teal?

June 20, 2018

This week, we’re talking about the best beer league team names, rules we’d like to steal from other sports, and the shittiest hockey carpools we’ve ever had — of course you won’t be surprised...

Episode 145 – Shower Compliments

June 13, 2018

This episode attempts to answer three monumental questions: - Is soccer practice ever more important than a hockey game? - Is there such a thing as a sub who isn’t a freeloading POS?

Episode 144 – Back Wax and Poop Texts

June 6, 2018

Why does April have poop PTSD? Why does Nick hate 20-year-olds? Will Nick let Dani wax a #10 into his back? The answers to all these pressing questions and more on this episode.

Episode 143: The Boys Are Back

May 29, 2018

Happy Memorial Day: Skateforthe22.org In Episode 143 Dani and April make way for the return of Jay (2 Pump Chump) and Brett... yes that Brett. Nick, Jay, and Brett take on the twitter worlds most..

Episode 142: Beer League Nationals

May 24, 2018

The May long weekend just meant more time for hockey! Nick was in Calgary covering the ASHL Nationals and Dani ran off to Canmore to play in another draft tournament.

Episode 141 BLT at the Walleye Chop

May 16, 2018

BLT was invited to cover and play in the Stanley Cup of Beer League Talk. We did what any self-respecting podcast would do and that's invite our listeners to come play with us.

Episode 140: Summer is Heating Up

May 9, 2018

It's finally hot here, and BLT has a serious case of spring fever with all the tourneys coming up. Walleye Chop is in a few days, and we're going stir crazy. Which means we may have derailed...

Episode 139: Beer League Talk Interviews with Evan F. Moore.

April 30, 2018

Meet Evan F Moore. Evan is a digital media creator at the Chicago Sun Times… and also a fellow beer leaguer. Evan wrote an article about the growing diversity in hockey.

Episode 138 – The Boston Cross-Cast Episode w/ Crease Keepers

April 25, 2018

Join a Dani-less & April-less Nick as he teams up Brian from BLT's goalie show, Crease Keepers. The boys chat about their trip at the Heros cup hockey tournament in Boston, the joys playing 7 games...

Episode 137: Nashville and Hostility

April 18, 2018

Nick, April and Dani are back from Nashville and you’re darn tootin’ they’ve got stories to tell. Their plan to podcast from a drunken pedal tavern yielded interesting results…

Episode 136- Diet Coke and Dr Pepisode

April 4, 2018

Beer leaguers around the world rejoiced this week as one of our own made it to the big leagues. Of course this just propels our own delusions of one day playing pro.

Episode 135: You Got What I NEEEEDDDD

March 29, 2018

In this week's show, the fans really give us what we need - the love and affection we so desperately crave. Lots of viewer questions and reviews to share as we give you all some...

Episode 134: The Eagle Has Landed

March 29, 2018

By Eagle we mean the nicest Eagle hockey gloves in the world!

Episode 133: BLT Lake Louise Outdoor Classic – featuring Dirty Mike and the Boys

March 29, 2018

It finally happened! Our inaugural Beer League Talk tournament went down over the weekend in the breathtaking mountains of Lake Louise, Alberta. We managed to mash together hockey...

Episode 132 – Jagr League Talk

March 6, 2018

Sit back and bask in the tales of one of the most recognizable fans in the NHL. Trevor can usually be found with his pack of Travelling Jagrs, making TV appearances or even hanging with #68 himself.

Episode 131: April’s butterfly dreams

February 27, 2018

As a woman of her word, April straps on the pads to try her hand as a goalie in preparation for the upcoming BLT Outdoor Classic in Lake Louise. Hitting the ODR with Nick and Dani proved to be...

Episode 130 – Nick’s Birthday Episode

February 26, 2018

Nick celebrates his birthday doing what he loves, podcasting! Oh, also spending time with his family or something… He is gifted with another raging goalie segment from our favourite crease keepers...

Episode 129 – The All New Episode

February 26, 2018

Lots of things to get the blood boiling on this episode, including hearing about a garbage GM who stole from his own team. Then we see our goalie friends get fired up on their new segment...

Episode 128 – Philly Eats SH*t

February 13, 2018

Super Bowl fanfare in Philly had our hosts asking the question - is there anything you’re so passionate about that you’d eat poop? You might be able to guess what it is for Nick.

Episode 127 – New Jerseys Episode

February 6, 2018

This episode is so good it doesn't need a description. Just a note: The BLT crew got brand new BLT jerseys. They are awesome!

Episode 126 – Let’s play in Japan

February 6, 2018

Want to play hockey in Japan? It’s the fourth week of the year so time to check in on our New Year’s resolutions! Ok, just keep your expectations low… maybe it’s better to just set some 2018...

Episode 124 – Your Top 10 Tournament Must Haves

February 6, 2018

Presents and surprises galore on this week’s episode! We have surprise special guest videos, surprise belated Christmas presents, surprise Nick being quiet for a little bit of the show.

Episode 123 – Happy Hockey New Years

February 2, 2018

Happy New Year from BLT! We’re back for 2018 and ready to jump into the second half of the season with exuberance, effervescence, and many more words we don’t understand.

Episode 122 – What do you want for Christmas?

February 2, 2018

Nick, April and Dani crawl their way to the finish line with their last show of 2017 – bruised, battered but not broken. And that’s just from playing against each other at hockey a few days ago.

Episode 121 The Palindrome Episode

January 24, 2018

Our heroes regroup in the beer closet after a frustrating weekend of hockey interrupted by Christmas parties. When attempts to force teammates to reevaluate their priorities failed, short benches...

Episode 120 – The Warrior Stick Episode

January 9, 2018

Fresh off a plane from California, Nick dashed back to the beer closet to make sure we don’t miss an episode for you lovely fans. Or is it because he can’t miss an opportunity to talk about another...

Episode 119 – Running Goalies and Sub Etiquette

January 9, 2018

The BLT crew is back with plenty to rant about. Their irate GM personas come out in full force with sub player etiquette getting the blood boiling lately. And no one is surprised when Nick asks...

Episode 118 – The Last Episode

November 28, 2017

The Last Episode

Episode 117 – The We Accept Bribes Episode

November 28, 2017

Nick and Dani are back from the Phoenix Draft Tournament, somehow still tanless – but at least not winless. They got to meet some fans of the show (now FRIENDS of the show!) as the Westy hurdles towar

Episode 116 – New Beer League Program

November 28, 2017

Dani and Nick record on location at Original Joe's bar right before Nick gets his shot to interview bigtime Calgary Flames hockey star and future Rhinos beer league top-scorer Sam Bennett.

Episode 115 – Why is beer league hockey special to you?

November 28, 2017

Trimming the Westy field down to the top 8 teams was so hard that we actually couldn’t do it – watch to see why one extra team squeaked into the next round. Plus, we hear from a listener...

Episode 114 – Weirdest excuse to miss hockey

November 28, 2017

Baffling excuses for missing hockey popped up this week as some of the BLT crew struggled to fill their game benches. Luckily it didn’t come to blows, but that does lead to another hot topic...

Episode 113 – Post Europe Hockey Roundup

November 13, 2017

Nick and Dani are back from Europe and they’re not holding it over April’s head at all.

Episode 112: Pre- Pro European Contracts & BLT Reporters

November 7, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Westy Award Nominees! Here's a couple questions from the show for you to answer. Episode 112: Pre- Pro European Contracts & BLT Reporters

Episode 111 – Airline disasters & Pond Hockey Tourneys

October 10, 2017

Whats your airline travel disaster story? Win $12k in gear : http://bit.ly/2aS6r3H Need a Jersey Sponsor: http://bit.ly/2avAIDQ Photo credit: TJChasePhotography.com & Lagasports.com

Episode 110

September 13, 2017

Episode 110

Episode 109 – CHIRPED for having a podcast

September 4, 2017

CHIRPED for having a podcast

Episode 108 – Beer League Talk’s Ultimate Travel Tournament Tutorial

August 31, 2017

Beer League Talk's Ultimate Travel Tournament Tutorial

Episode 107 – Hockey Tattoos

August 14, 2017

Hockey Tattoos

Episode 106 – 1 reason to never leave a beer league

July 24, 2017

1 reason to never leave a beer league

Episode 104: Beer League Republic

July 5, 2017

Check Out Beerleaguerepublic.com

Episode 103- #NothingButNick

June 30, 2017

All Nick All The Time! Actually back to back tourney weekends made it hard to get the crew together. Nick wanted to touch base with the listeners and let them know BLT hadn't forgot about them.

Episode 102

June 22, 2017

Episode 102

Beer League Interviews – Petey Beats and Ottawa Senators Adult Hockey League

June 5, 2017

Check out our interview with @Peteybeats from @TheOSAHL. How big is your league and how would YOU make it better?

Episode 100 – It’s Kind Of A Big Deal Episode

June 1, 2017

It's Kind Of A Big Deal Episode

Episode 99 – The almost 100 episode

May 24, 2017

The almost 100 episode

Episode 98

April 27, 2017

Episode 98

Episode 97 – The Playoff Episode

April 19, 2017

The Playoff Episode

Episode 96 – The Baby Being Born Episode

April 12, 2017

We don't care that a host is having a baby we will still record a podcast episode for the fans! Nick's wife is scheduled to have a baby the same night as this podcast. Listen and enjoy!

Episode 95: The Boston Episode

March 30, 2017

The Boston Episode

Episode 94

March 24, 2017

What do you think we should for episode 100? Want to fill April's Box? Beer League Talk 1940 6th Ave NW Calgary, AB T2N 0W3

Episode 93 – What Should We Do For The 100th Episode Episode

March 8, 2017

What Should We Do For The 100th Episode Episode?

Episode 92 – Nicks Birthday Show

March 1, 2017

Please Subscribe Nick came in sporting a one-of-a-kind…. Errr, 25-of a kind? Anyway, it’s a cool sweater and he was a happy birthday boy. Some chirping on Twitter about a listener’s tattoo...

Episode 91 – Free Money Episode

February 22, 2017

There’s a week left to enter the BLT Jersey Challenge and Nick can’t wait to count all your votes himself on Instagram. April picks up a hobby-jobby (real word) as a timekeeper and she has tips...

Episode 90

February 9, 2017

Today we talk about: Vegas Transgender Hockey Hockey MacGuyvers Please consider subscribing on Youtube!

Beer League Talk Episode 89

February 2, 2017

Today we talk about: Tournament Season Paying Goalies Tender Tinder Jay's Mom

Beer League Talk Episode 88

January 25, 2017

Episode 88!

Beer League Talk Episode 85 – Happy Holidays

January 10, 2017

The last episode before Christmas and the crew chats about reasons that are ok to skip hockey. PS... Hey Oklahomans, being too cold isn't a reason to skip hockey.

Episode 84 – The Stood Up Episode

December 22, 2016

We got stood up! We are so upset we didn't even write an episode summary!

Episode 83: Just A Few Dudes Doing A Podcast Episode

December 13, 2016

This episode is a little different than all the other ones. The first thing you’ll notice is no girls! April has strep throat so Nick canceled recording for the day. Brett had a different idea.

Episode 82: The Bigger Heads episode

December 7, 2016

Your friendly neighborhood hockey podcasters have giant heads now – and that’s not a metaphor. After a few visual gags that will surely translate perfectly to podcast form, Nick hits us with a new...

Episode 81: The Mummers Episode

November 29, 2016

Nick is fresh back from his surprise visit to Newfoundland, Canada, where Westy winners the Tom Cats showed him a whirlwind weekend. They embraced him with open arms and celebrated hard...

Episode 80: The Special Delivery Episode

November 22, 2016

Make sure to check out the video of this episode on Youtube! Youtube.com/c/beerleaguetalk The BLT crew gets a special package mid-show care of one of our exalted hockey gods. Let's just say...

Episode 79: The Hockey Refugee Episode

November 15, 2016

The BLT crew is back from Phoenix just as pasty as when they left. Not much time for tanning when you're playing 5 hockey games in two days! Nick put a bounty out on Dani's QRL...

Episode 78: The Chalupa Episode

October 27, 2016

All you beer enthusiasts can get a little dewy listening to our special guest. Jasperite (Jasperian? Whatever, guy who lives in Jasper) Chalupa came bearing gifts in the form of growlers...

Episode 77: The Technical Difficulties Episode

October 19, 2016

Distracted by the overwhelming number of viewers on the Facebook Live broadcast, the BLT crew may have forgotten this is a podcast. Can’t help it, the excitement’s building as teams in the Top 16...

Episode 76: The Janky Box Episode

October 12, 2016

The fans take front seat in this episode when we open the floor to a Q and A session. Things get rowdy in the Facebook Live feed with our most-watched video stream ever thanks to...

Episode 75 – The Fat Head Episode

September 29, 2016

Nick is obsessed with watching the Westy voting metrics, literally staring at them all day like some sort of Westy Rainman. Can’t blame him, the votes for Greatest Beer League Hockey Team are...

Episode 74: The Organized Show

September 21, 2016

Nick's the man with a plan this week, probably inspired by the generous donations of our new hockey gods. The Patreon page is officially up, thanks to the suggestion of a megafan...

Episode 73: The Pukey Episode

September 14, 2016

You guessed it: somebody loses their cookies on this episode. The show must go on, so the remaining BLT members delve into team issues such as who gets to make the game lineup...

Episode 72 – Comox Drunkcast

September 6, 2016

Writing a summary is hard when you were too drunk to remember what you talked about. We think there was something about putting a hit out on Brett to stop his championship streak.

Episode 71 – The GoFundApril Episode

August 31, 2016

When a girl has to choose between her fiery hair and new Tacks, things can get a little desperate. April has her eye on some beauty CCM’s this week...

Episode 70: The Preggers Episode

August 25, 2016

Episode 70: Everyone is preggers Ok, not everyone. But if one more person on April’s team gets knocked up she’s gonna lose it.

Beer League Talk Episode 69 – The Alberta Hockey Show

August 16, 2016

The gang podcasts from the Alberta Hockey Show! We have special guests: the founders of the Alberta Hockey Show, Puck Nut Nation, Ferda Hockey, and Integral hockey.

Beer League Talk Episode 68 – The Puckachu episode!

July 27, 2016

Puckachu, I Choose You! Nick, Dani and April sneak into the closed-down Barn to record. What's that humming? Is it the abandoned beer fridge or could it be ghost Pokemon!

Episode 67 – Calgary Drunkcast ft Brett & Dani

July 21, 2016

Montreal was a time and a half. We are so beat from our time there that we couldn't record an episode this week. You'll hear all about Montreal in next week's episode but until then enjoy...

Beer League Episode 66 – The Fireball Episode

July 13, 2016

Summer hockey and more stripper talk The crew tackles such hard-hitting topics as ‘why we love wearing shorts to the rink’ and ‘why is everyone getting drunk instead of coming to hockey?’

Beer League Talk Episode 65 – The Strip Club episode!

July 6, 2016

With the Montreal Draft on the horizon, strip joints have been top of mind for our beer league faithful. April won’t be making the trip, so for the Calgary Draft this weekend she’s opening her own...

Beer League Talk Episode 64 – The Birthday Episode!

June 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Beer League Talk! The whole gang’s here to celebrate the fact that you beauties still seem to want to listen to us talk about hockey (or poop) after an entire YEAR!

Episode 63 – Seattle DrunkCast

June 23, 2016

This episode doesn't need a summary...mainly because we don't remember it!

Beer League Talk Episode 62 – The halfie episode

June 14, 2016

Half the episode, twice the fun? The crew is pumped for the blitz of summer Draft Tournaments coming down the pipe, even though half of us are sick and the other half injured.

Beer League Talk Episode 61 – The Nick, Dani, & a baby show!

May 31, 2016

With Brett and April nowhere to be found, we invite resident hockey pranker Anthony to share tales of his Canmore hijinks. Spoiler alert: There's poop. When he ducks out to feed his 4-month-old kid...

Beer League Talk Episode 60 – The Boner Donor episode

May 26, 2016

Good Week everybody! So umm yeah... Episode 60 went off the rails early! We talk about the Canmore Draft Tournament, a tournament that has been recently added, and Brett being a boner donor.

Beer League Talk Episode 59 – No Title Needed

May 12, 2016

Since we aren't giving it a title we aren't giving it a description either. Enjoy the episode! Why not tweet us about it?

Episode 58 – The Worst Episode Ever… Seriously

May 4, 2016

This episode is so bad we don't even want to write a description of it! We blame 99% of it on Dani... but hey Brett's back so that's good!

Episode 57 – Brett gets Banned, Chutney is poop bombed, and April get tossed

April 26, 2016

Episode 57 is crazy! Brett is banned from the show by Dan Boyle. A team we know gets poop bombed and April gets tossed from her first ever hockey game. A crazy week in the podcast!

Beer League Talk 56 – The Leg Beard Episode

April 19, 2016

In episode 56, the crew talks about playoff douche bags, an upcoming referee/staff friendly - not so friendly scrimmage, and why Dani & April are growing out their leg beards.

Beer League Talk Episode 55 – Ref Rant and Brett’s Beer Review

April 13, 2016

Welcome to episode 55! Come join the fun as the crew discusses everything from referee rants to not being a db on the ice!

Beer League Talk 54 – Post Nashville & Brett

April 7, 2016

This episode is all about Nashville... and Brett being back. The boys talk about their trip and the new hockey friends they made. We also announce the Beer League Jersey Challenge winner!

Beer League Talk 53 – The Inferno Episode

March 30, 2016

The BLT crew gets together with 2 members of the Clarkson Cup Champion winning Calgary Inferno. Delayne Brian and Jacquie Pierri join Nick, Dani, and April to talk about CWHL, Womens Hockey...

Beer League Talk 52 – The Pre-Nashville Show

March 24, 2016

The Beer League Talk crew is back for Episode 52. This week we talk about Brett not being at the show again, reffing your friends & having to kick them out, and also d-bags on Twitter.

Beer League Talk Episode 51 – The Weekend Update

March 14, 2016

The BLT crew (meaning the crew that likes Bacon Sandwiches) didn't want you beautys to go another week without hearing Beer League Talk. Since Nick is headed to Oklahoma...

Beer League Talk Episode 50 – Cake, Tots, Hockey, and Brett

March 9, 2016

The 50th episode! Thanks so much for listening. This episode sounds just like what you'd hear in a hockey locker room! Let us know what you think.

Beer League Talk 49 – The Nugget Bucket Episode

March 2, 2016

In episode 49 the Beer League Talk crew discussed what their last meals would be if they were on death row, why you should be nice to referees, and how to cut a player from your team...

Beer League Talk 48 – Boom-Boom Episode

February 24, 2016

In this episode the crew talks to Danny Geoffrion about his hockey lineage, growing hockey in Nashville, and the Boom Boom Classics tournaments.

Beer League Talk Episode 47 – The Sickest Episode Ever

February 16, 2016

This episode literally is the sickest episode ever. Everyone is sick.. except April. She is a superior human. In this episode the crew talks about Vegas & Nashville Tournaments...

Beer League Talk 46 – The Vegas Show

February 2, 2016

Nick, Dani, and April talk about hockey hazing, drinking beer, how to pick up hockey chicks, and of course Vegas. Check it out and let us know your thoughts on Twitter @beerleaguetalk.

Beer League Talk Episode 45 – The Dick Episode

January 27, 2016

Brett doesn't show up to record the episode so that means Nick goes off the rails with April and Dani feeding the fire. We cover Nick's Hattrick, #DateDani, and answer some more email questions!

Beer League Talk 44 – Jerking Off On The Ice

January 20, 2016

Nick, Brett, Dani, and April go to town this week on listeners emails. They try a new segment called, "ask a stupid ref.... questions". They also get one of the best WGMG segments...

Beer League Talk 43 – Go Bow, Dad bods, and Chicks

January 13, 2016

Let's kick the new year off right. Nick, Brett, Dani, and April talk about a topics that are sure to have you cracking up. In addition to the hockey cellys, common hockey player excuses...

Beer League Talk Episode 42- Drunken Hockey New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year Beer Leaguers. We had a New Years Eve party last night and decided, after tossing a few back, that we should have a short episode to give our Hockey New Years Resolutions...

Beer League Talk Episode 41- Happy Hockey Holidays

December 23, 2015

Happy Holidays to everyone. Nick and Brett are joined by Dani and Kylie this week. They air their hockey festivus grievances and talk about what they want for Christmas...

Beer League Talk Episode 40

December 16, 2015

In this episode Brett and Nick talk about twitter bots, the BLT hockey pool, the newly announce Beer League Jersey Challenge, and the NHL. Listen to Steve Migs go off on beer league coaches...

Beer league Talk 39- Best Episode Ever!

December 7, 2015

Dani, Misty, and Kylie join the boys in the studio today. Today we chat about Kylie scoring her first goal last week, Monson getting booted from an Arena for roughing up the Stanley Cup...

Beer League Talk Episode 38

December 7, 2015

In this episode we talk to Ed from New Jersey. We meant to add this into episode 37 but we didn't! Ed is a roller player who is new to the game and loving it. He drives quit the distance to play...

Beer League Talk Episode 37

December 2, 2015

In the big episode this week Nick and Brett cover a ton of topics. They talk about video games, the hockey pool, and play with a new sound board. #WhatGrindsMyGoalie is a big hit this week!

Beer League Talk 36

December 1, 2015

Today we talk with Jack McNamara of Tru Energy. Jack was a collegiate D1 hockey player. He also played some pro hockey in Europe. Jack tells us about his time in college and pro hockey...

Beer League Talk 35 – How To Hockey

November 25, 2015

Today we talk with Jeremy from HowtoHockey.com. Jeremy has dedicated his life to helping hockey players on and off the ice. We talk about why he started and what his plans are for the future...

Beer League Talk 33

November 23, 2015

Nick talks talk Rick from Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy. If you have ever wondered what happens at an adult hockey or if you want to improve your skills you need to check these guys out...

Beer League Talk 32

November 23, 2015

Nick talks with John M. of the Bremerton area about Hockey in the Pacific Northwest. John is in charge of the Bremerton Adult League and gives us insight into how his league works...

Beer League Talk 31 – Mike H.

November 19, 2015

Today we talk to Mike Hamilton. Mike tells us all about being a goalie and playing hockey in Ontario!

Beer League Talk – Episode 30

November 18, 2015

In this episode Nick and Brett team up with a ,surprisingly sober, Steve Migs from the "Migs-cast". Listen to the crew cover a ton of hockey ... and non hockey topics.

Beer League Talk Episode 29 – Matt Hills

November 16, 2015

Beer League Talk is back with another player interview. Nick talks to Matt about hockey in Ontario and other things around the hockey world! Enjoy this episode of Beer League Talk.

Beer League Talk – Episode 28 Angie from Betweenthepipesmovie.com

November 16, 2015

In episode 28, Nick talks to Angie about the movie "Between the Pipes".Between the Pipes” is an independent feature film based on the incredible true story of Manon Rhéaume...

Beer League Talk – Episode 27 – HockeyFightsT1D.org

November 13, 2015

In episode 27 Nick talks to Matt from HockeyFightsT1D.org. Type 1 Diabetes is an affliction that affects thousands of people around the world.

Beer League Talk Episode 26 – Drunkcast

November 11, 2015

This episode of Beer League Talk is dubbed Drunk Cast. When we go to draft tourneys, occasionally we drink a few adult pops and turn on the mics. Drunkcasts are what result from this nights.

Beer League Talk Episode 25 – Brandon

November 11, 2015

Hockey is alive and growing faster than ever in the South. Nick talks with Brandon from South Carolina about his hockey playing beginnings. Check it out.

Beer League Talk Episode 24 – Danny Steffy

November 10, 2015

In this player interview Nick talks to Danny Steffy. Danny Steffy is from Colorado and tells us about his league in his hometown but also lets us know about the time...

Beer League Talk Episode 23 – Braden S.

November 9, 2015

Nick talks to Braden about hockey in the Chicago-land area and how to became a goalie!

Beer League Talk Episode 22 – John From Australia

November 5, 2015

Nick talks to John about hockey down under. Yes, hockey is alive and well in Australia. Come learn about Australian rules hockey.

Beer League Talk Episode 21- Michael Carvajal

November 5, 2015

Nick talks to Michael Carvajal from Canton, Ohio. Hear how Michael went from a first time hockey player to first time rink general manager in 2 years.

Beer League Talk – Episode 20

November 4, 2015

In this episode the boys talk about the BLT hockey pool, their upcoming trip to Phoenix, Oilers vs Flames, and have a great chat with Bob Kelm of Have a Skate with Bob!

Beer League Talk Episode 19 – Kane Van Gate

November 2, 2015

Nick talks to the self proclaimed greatest beer league goalie in the world, Kane Van Gate. Kane talks about his BHL36 and other hockey shortie episodes. Come experience Beer League Talk at it's finest

Beer League Talk Episode 18 Mike From Columbus

November 2, 2015

In episode 18 Nick talks to Mike from Columbus, Ohio. They discuss hockey in Columbus, how the minor league paved the way for the Blue Jackets, and how his team won it's first championship.

Beer League Talk Episode 17 – Dave the Ref

November 2, 2015

Nick talks to Dave from the NE United States about playing and reffing.

Beer League Talk Episode 16

October 28, 2015

In episode 16 Brett and Nick talk about their week off from recording episodes. They touch on the social media followers and how important (and awesome) the interviews have been.

Beer League Interviews: Keener Jerseys

October 27, 2015

Brett and Nick talk to Keener Jerseys today about NHL jerseys, Rec Jerseys, and hockey in general. Keener loves hockey jerseys and his attention to detail has drawn interest from several collectors...

Beer League Talk Interview: Kwame Mason/ Soul on Ice Movie

October 26, 2015

Thank you for listening to Beer League Interviews. This week we talk to Kwame Mason. He is the director and producer of the movie Soul on Ice: Past, Present, and Future.

Beer League Talk Interviews – Larry Donovan

October 22, 2015

In this interview Nick sits down with Larry Donovan. This is a special interview for Nick because Nick credits Larry with being one of the most influential people in his hockey career...

Beer League Talk Player Interview – Jordan R.

October 21, 2015

Check out our interview with Oklahoma hockey player Jordan R. Jordan is a dedicated hockey player that drives over an hour each way to play hockey each week!

Beer League Talk Player Interview – April H

October 20, 2015

Nick talks to April about female hockey in Calgary and how the mighty ducks inspired her to start playing hockey!

Beer League Talk Player Interview – Big Joe!

October 19, 2015

Nick talks with Big Joe, more commonly referred to as "No Pants Joe" from an earlier episode. Joe talks about playing with his disability, not wearing any pants at a draft tournament, and ...

Beer League Talk Episode 15

October 14, 2015

Beer League Talk is back with their 15th episode. Special guest host, April, takes over Brett's duties and helps Nick discuss the NHL, the NWHL, the CWHL, our beerleaguetalk hockey pool, ...

Beer League Talk Episode 14

October 7, 2015

This week Brett and Nick discuss their draft tournament in Jasper. Nick talks about the most disgusting and funny thing he has ever heard of on the ice. Check out episode 14.

Beer League Player Interviews – The Stick Guru

October 6, 2015

Check out our interview with beer leaguer Josh.. AKA the Stick Guru. Beer League Talk's goal is to connect players from all over the world.

Beer League Talk – Episode 13

September 30, 2015

Episode #13 hits on the serious beer league topics of injury and ailments. The big ailment discussed is Diabetes. Lots of players play with this affliction.

Beer League Talk Player Interview – Jeff Copetas of PureHockey.com

September 29, 2015

Check out our interview with Jeff Copetas, VP of marketing and communications at Pure Hockey. In this interview we talk about Pure Hockey's expansion, how Jeff got into the hockey industry...

Beer League Talk Player Interviews – Lindsay M.

September 28, 2015

Check out our interview with beer league Lindsay M. Beer League Talk's goal is to connect players from all over the world.

Beer League Talk – Episode 12

September 23, 2015

Nick and Brett are joined by marketing guru Kylie to talk about how technology has changed hockey. They also tough on team sponsors, player emails, and the PuckAlliance.com post of the week.

Beer League Talk Player Interviews #2- Jason

September 22, 2015

Beer League Talk's goal is to connect players from all over the world. Players have expressed interested in knowing about the beer league experience and players in other places.

Beer League Talk Player Interviews #1 – Flo

September 21, 2015

Beer League Talk goal is to connect players from all over the world. Players have expressed interested in knowing about the beer league experience in other places.

Beer League Talk – Episode 11

September 16, 2015

This week the boys talk about fantasy football, cutting goalies, and Nick having a 5pt night in the season opener! Emails and Puckalliance.com entries take up a majority of the podcast...

Beer League Talk – NHL Preview

September 15, 2015

In first team preview, of hopefully all 30 NHL teams, the boys of Beer League Talk team up with Carl Landra from Thehockeywriters.com's The 4th Line Podcast.

Beer League Talk – Episode 10

September 9, 2015

Episode 10! We've reached a milestone. Thanks for being a part of it. This week Nick and Brett bring hockey playing couple Mitch and Lyndsay into the studio to talk beer league hockey.

Beer League Talk – Episode 9

September 1, 2015

Nick and Brett talk about NHL, NFL, Netflix, and family in Episode 9. This episode covers questions submitted via email and twitter. The boys give their thoughts on the Patrick Kane situation...

Beer League Talk – Episode 8

September 1, 2015

In Episode 8, Brett is MIA again. Nick brings in a trio of co-hosts, Flo, Lindsay, and Candace, to help answer this week's email questions.

Beer League Talk Episode 7

August 20, 2015

Brett and Nick are back with Episode 7 of Beer League Talk. In this episode the boys answer emails from the masses. One email stands out as a great question so Brett and Nick expand on it.

Beer League Talk – Episode 6

August 12, 2015

In Episode 6, the boys get challeneged by Nick's basketball friend on whose podcast can reach reach 1000 downloads per episode first. Brett talks about his Vancouver tournament.

Beer League – Talk Episode 5

August 5, 2015

No Brett means Nick gets to talk about his Draft Tournament experience all alone. Nick plays interviews with players from the tournament and the ridiculous "Drunk Cast" that recorded at the end of the

Beer League Talk – Episode 4

July 29, 2015

This week's podcast covers everything from eating fun dips as a kid to Nick & Brett's most embarassing moments on the ice. Go to PuckAlliance.com to vote for your favorite hockey movie.

Beer League Talk – Episode 3

July 22, 2015

In this episode Brett and Nick talk about an incredibly diverse set of subjects. They do all this while dealing with a ball hockey game being played in a gym downstairs.

Beer League Talk – Episode 2

July 15, 2015

Welcome to Episode #2. Thank you for listening!

Beer League Talk – Episode 1

July 10, 2015

Beer League Talk 34 – The Big Show

June 25, 2015

This week we have a ton of fun. We have a listener join us as a co-host. We have our good friend Dani in to give us a female perspective on things...


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